‘Whom Dead We Cannot Cease to Love’

After Eleanor died, her body took the journey across England from Nottinghamshire to London.  Her final resting place was to be Westminster Abbey, an elaborate tomb constructed by the same maker as her father-in-law Henry III.

It is not possible to visit Eleanor’s tomb today, as it is not open to the public.  You can however, see the electrotype made in the Victorian period at the National Portrait Gallery in London, which gives you some idea of how beautiful it must have been when it was first created.  Be warned though, it’s displayed in a stair well!


You may also be interested to know, that a cast of Eleanor’s tomb is displayed in the cast courts at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London in company with the tombs of Queens such as Eleanor of Aquitane and Victoria with her husband Albert.

On My Travels – Hardwick Hall

I do try to see as many historic houses and castles, monuments etc, on my travels around the UK.  An intriguing house being that of Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire, built by Bess of Hardwick, the descendants of which are contained in the ancestry of many of today’s richest aristocratic families.

Not only did she build one Hardwick Hall, when this was no longer good enough, she built another in sight of it!  Mind you, Bess like to build, she also built Chatsworth House, which many of you have probably already heard of.

The strange thing is, both houses – albeit one in ruins – are equally compelling. Though, I think I like the original best of all, which is why I’ve pictured it below.







Book Review – Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

I’m not a fan of being pigeonholed into what I should read, and what genre it should be filed under.  So, it was under some trepidation that I picked up ‘Can You Keep a Secret?’ tagged by that hideous term ‘Chick Lit.’  However, I was pleasantly surprised.

Emma, the heroine of the tale, is the girl with more than a few secrets.  Hey, but what’s a few between friends?  Nothing, you’d think until the day that she is sent by her marketing bosses to Glasgow to meet with a client.  After a hideous day, she takes the flight back to London and during terrible turbulence tells a complete stranger every secret she ever had.

This is a riotous read, so funny in parts that I nearly cried with laughter.  The end, I suppose has a slightly predictable slant to it, but it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the story and I may well look for more by the same author.

The Victorian Way of Death

I have been fascinated by the Victorians’ celebration of death for some years. It has been only recently that I have fallen in love with the jewellery produced by them.

Here are 3 of my favourites that date from the 1880s. Some say they are mourning brooches, but I am more inclined to believe that these were made for sweethearts, in the very fashionable black of the time.

These particular examples are made of pressed animal horn, dyed black to imitate the very fashionable, but far more rare Jet. Some more gorgeous examples of these (I wish I owned them!) are shown at this site.

Postman’s Park

I said PARK not PAT 😈

I can’t paint worth a damn myself, but admire a number of artists, many from the Victorian era.  One such is a fairly less well known artist by the name of G. F. Watts.

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit an exhibition of his paintings at the National Portrait Gallery a couple of years ago.  Through this and a chance conversation with a friend I discovered that he had created the Watts Memorial of Heroic Deeds which is set out in Postman’s Park.

Please take a wander over here, it’s utterly fascinating and if you’re ever in London a lovely quiet place to stop and think.

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