Aberdeen Art Gallery

Some of you may already know of my addiction to all things Victorian. This includes art, like the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Over the weekend, I finally managed to stagger into town and the Aberdeen Art Gallery. I was pleasantly surprised with the building it is housed in. I think it was built in 1885, and has wonderful ceilings, sweeping staircases and balconies. Reminded me a little of the National Gallery in London, which I’ve been to a number of times.

Why visit now, you may or may not ask? Well I discovered that it housed some of John William Waterhouse’s paintings, and I’m on a mission to visit as many of those in or associated with the PRB around the country.

However, there is a BUT coming on…whatever was originally house here is mostly gone. To a person who adores history like I do, that is a death to this kind of place. Although the interior is mostly still there, it is taken up with huge amounts of modern art. I don’t have anything against it, but it just doesn’t work here at all. My precious paintings? Housed in 2 rooms, with the original or very close to it, setting. How amazing this gallery must have been back in 1885.

Wish I could have seen it.

Please Help Find Madeleine…

Four-year-old Madeleine McCann has been in the news a lot lately. For those of you that don’t know, she was abducted from her parents’ holiday apartment on the 3 May.

There seems little we can do to help, so I’m posting a video appeal here in the hope that someone, somewhere on the web might recognise her.

www.findmadeleine.com || www.bringmadeleinehome.com

Thank you for listening.

Three Things I Love…

  1. Three things I love about my Significant Other are I can’t answer this one so…
  2. Three things I love in a friend are a sense of humour, shopping stamina and the ability to keep secrets.
  3. Three things I love in a book are a light writing style, engaging characters and originality.
  4. Three things I love in a movie are that they are not too long/too short, preferably historical and have great endings.
  5. Three things I love in a blog are good writing style, sense of humour and plenty of illustrations.
  6. Three things I love to talk about are Eleanor, history in general and books.
  7. Three things I love to do on vacations are visit all the local sights, take lots of photos and not think about work at all.
  8. Three things I love to eat are chocolate, Mexican food and Chinese food.
  9. Three things I love to happen in my life are sunny days, surprises and time to sit and think about nothing.
  10. Three things I love in 1 Million Love Messages are tagging Claire, Kathryn and Kai. Don’t worry about doing this if you can’t or have already. :smile:

Now leave me alone Chris 😛

Randomness Ahoy

Thanks to Chris at Thermal, I am going to inflict on you 7 random things about me:

  1. I’m a wannabe writer. I am determined to get in print within the next 2 years, but have been writing stories in one way or another since I was about 6 years old.
  2. My favourite film ever is Kind Hearts and Coronets.
  3. I like to teach myself random languages, i.e Latin, Gaelic and Ancient Greek. Not to any real proficiency you understand.
  4. I have been researching my family tree since 1997, and have logged about 8,000 people so far, back to 1605. All because I broke my ankle and wanted something to do.
  5. I believe in angels.
  6. In my house we have watched the Eurovision Song Contest every year since we were kids. So bad, it’s funny. 😉
  7. Trying to write this has made my brain tired. No more randomness 👿

I don’t like to inflict tags on others, so if any of you want to take this on feel free, let me know, or leave it in my comments box if you like.