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Work in Progress…

I’ve been haunting no few castles myself lately, so I’ve decided to put together all the rumoured hauntings and possibly some nice pictures together in a few days for your viewing pleasure.

Prepare for a scare!

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Two Concerts for Me!

Yay!  I’ve just heard that one of my favourite bands HIM will be playing in London in December, in fact the day after Apocalyptica, whose ‘Cello Metal’ I have already written about.

That’s a nice week in London in December for me then!   :grin:

Let’s celebrate:

HIM – Funeral of hearts

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Wordless Wednesday #11



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‘You, Frumpy Pigskin!’

Ha! You have got to love Shrek. The first film is still my favourite, though Snow White doing the Immigrant Song has got to be worth watching!

Shrek The Third Trailer.


I love the dragon-donkey babies so much I’m off to watch the trailer again.

Update: Shrek the Third is now available on DVD in the UK, and yes I enjoyed it.

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