Eleanor Crosses in Antiquity

As I’ve mentioned before, I collect things associated with Eleanor of Castile and her memorials.  My favourite cross is Geddington, and I find it hard to find engravings of this one.  So, here is one of my favourites.

It’s funny to think that out of all of them, the view has hardly changed here.  It’s a very pretty village to visit.

Haunting Legends

Here, as promised, are a few tales of castle hauntings in my local area. Enjoy!

Castle Fraser

Is subject to the legend of the lady of the Green Bedroom. Legend has it that either a lady or a Princess was murdered here – stabbed to death by the fireplace and her body dragged or thrown down the tower stairs. Legend also tells us that the bloodstains could never be cleaned away, and the stairs were boarded over as a consequence. I’ve always liked this room, and have no problem in visiting it at all. Personally, I think this is just an old legend. You are far more likely to hear family members talking, singing and children laughing if you spend any time in the castle when it is quiet.

Fyvie Castle

The most famous of the hauntings reported here is that of a green lady, believed to be that of Dame Lilias Drummond, the wife of a former Laird who is rumoured to have poisoned her in order to marry again and have a son. Most people who know anything about the history of the family here do not believe this to be true, and think that Lilias simply died of natural causes. I certainly don’t know who the green lady is, but she apparently is still very active here and many strange occurrences have been reported by staff. Visitors to the castle too have reported seeing a lady look back at them from a mirror, and have seen a lady pass them in the hallways.

Craigevar Castle

Is a remote and strange place, I’m not sure I like very much. The castle itself does not have a bad atmosphere, I just didn’t take to it. Here, the Blue Room in the tower is supposedly haunted by a member of the Gordon clan who fell to his death from the window. The last sentence makes it sound so simple, yet in fact, this man was supposed to have been in love with a member of the Forbes family, and Sir John Forbes gave him the choice (when caught in the castle) of being run through by his sword, or taking his chance by jumping out of the window. Sadly, neither was a good choice for him. His footsteps apparently are also heard here.

Crathes Castle

Another green lady may be found at Crathes. She supposedly, is seen by herself or holding a baby and a room there is now know as the Green Lady’s Room. Spookily though, during restoration work at the castle many years ago, a woman and a baby’s skeletons were discovered. I believe they were found in the walls if memory serves, but it could have been under the floor.

This is just intended to be a snapshot of the tales that I have learnt about the castles. I have not gone into full detail, nor included every haunting reported at these sites. I have included a link to the website if you wish to visit and make up your own minds!  Just click on the name.

Somebody Loves Me




Thanks to Stine over at Mother’s Home! Who apparently loves my blog! I’m very touched to receive this award.

I’m going to have a think about people to pass it on to, as I know many of you have already been awarded this, so I’ll be letting you know and adding links later.

This award really made me smile this morning 😀

Cool TV – Blood Ties

I saw a trailer for this show, and thought I might give it a try. Little did I know that it is actually based on a series of books I loved by Tanya Huff!

I’ve only seen the two-part pilot so far, but it definitely is looking promising…oh and anyone who wants to know what happens at the end of the books, drop me an email!

Update: I have now replaced the preview as the original one I posted got deleted.  I’m still enjoying the series and looking forward to season 2, which is now showing across the pond.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t get cancelled!

Victorian Ephemera: Ladies Edition

Finally, I’ve got a bit more sorted out, and I’m attempting to upload my Eleanor collection for display on the Beloved Eleanor homepages via my new scanner (it’s fab by the way). Today, I’ve been sucked in to uploading some of my Victorian collections.

First up is an edition of the Young Ladies Journal from 1887. It has some really beautiful illustrations, and I might add some more yet. I’m also writing up some hauntings from local castles. I’ll keep you all posted!