Vampires and Werewolves and Witches, Oh My!

For those of you that may have been interested in Tanya Huff, whose books I wrote about recently, here are a few more of my other favourite series, some vampire, some werewolf and some witches (some a.n. other). Enjoy!

  • Laurell K Hamilton – Anita Blake, Vampire Executioner (All of the above feature, but don’t bother after book 10 they’re rubbish.)
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon – Dark Hunters (Vampires that are actually linked to the Pantheon)
  • Kelley Armstrong – Women of the Otherworld (Expanding all the time, but Werewolves, Witches and Demons so far)
  • Jim Butcher – The Dresden Files (Harry Dresden, Wizard and assorted guests!)
  • Rebecca York – Moon Series (Werewolves)
  • J.R. Ward – The Black Dagger Brotherhood (Vampires)
  • Mercedes Lackey – Elemental Masters (Mages)
  • Lori Handeland – Nightcreatures (Werewolves, but expanding I think)

I’ve got a pile of books at the moment I haven’t read, so there’s more to come. Let me know if you’ve read/or like these books.

Archive Update

Those of you that regularly read my blather, will know that I intended to get to the historic collections/archive over at the University of Aberdeen this week to view some of the Castle Fraser Collection.

Well, I made it today.   I was confronted with a full lever-arch file, which is just the basic list of the contents!  Not to be put off, I started small and focused on a particular person I was interested in.  Oh, and that and photo nosiness.

I ordered some correspondence from Frederick Mackenzie Fraser and a whole box of photo albums and I was as happy as the proverbial pig in…until 3.30 this afternoon.  Some of the photos were fab!

The letters concerned a marriage, and the wife of one of the Mackenzie Frasers which is a mystery I’m trying to solve, so I won’t tell all here, I shall post about their marriages another time.

Now, I just have to plan my next visit…

Charles and Jane’s Children

It is long past time that I introduced you to the last Fraser (or more correctly Mackenzie Fraser) family to live at Castle Fraser before the castle was sold in 1921.

Charles Mackenzie Fraser inherited the castle from his great aunt Elyza. It was originally to go to his father, Alexander. Sadly he was to die before her, and for that matter before his time, of a Typhoid-like fever.

Charles was serving as a Captain in the Coldstream Guards in the Peninsular War, (think Sharpe, for the uninitiated) when in 1812 he was to lose at leg at Burgos. It was sadly fortuitous then, that just 2 years later in 1814 Elyza died and Charles had an income and property of his own.

In 1817 Charles married 17-year-old Jane Hay. By all accounts it was a love-match, but what is clear is that it was a happy marriage. Jane was to give Charles 14 children in 16 years, which in those days must have been quite precarious for her health.

Sadly 5 died as young children, and many of their children were to die from Tuberculosis or Consumption in their 20s. Only 3 were to outlive them, and 3 to marry.

These are their children in full:

  1. Alexander ‘Alicky’ 1818-1823
  2. Stillborn son 1819
  3. Catherine ‘Cathie/Kitty’ 1820-1856
  4. John Wingfield ‘Wings’ 1822-1846
  5. Mary Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ 1823-1847
  6. Eleanor Jane 1824-1858
  7. Charles Murray ‘Charley’ 1825-1846
  8. Francis ‘Frank’ 1827-1849
  9. Kenneth Gibbs 1828-1835
  10. Grace Harriet ‘Harriet’ 1830-1886
  11. Frederick ‘Freddy/Fred’ 1831-1897
  12. Marianne 1832-1835
  13. Augusta Charlotte 1833-1911
  14. Caroline Forbes 1834-1836

This post is dedicated to Charles 1792-1871 and Jane 1799-1861 and all their children. I hope to write more about them soon. Questions appreciated, it will give me more ideas about what you would like to know!

Insanity? Check

Henry, vampires, got me thinking.  Thought I’d share.  Blood Ties fans will know what I mean.

Insane again – typical.

You scored as Malkavian,You belong to the Malkavian bloodline. The Malkavians are blessed with an “inner sight” which often gives them great perception and even clairvoyance. Many are sought for their counsel and insight. The drawback, however, is that they are all entirely insane. If a vampire is speaking in obscure riddles, it’s a fair bet they are of Malkavian blood.

What vampire clan do you belong to?
created with

Wordless Wednesday #20

Perhaps you can help me this week? This flower just bloomed in our garden a week or so ago, and we have no recollection of buying it. We think it’s a type of Lily. Do any of you know? Let me know when you comment please!

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Cool TV – Medium

I’ve been watching this show for a couple of years now. I stumbled upon it by accident one night, as BBC1 used to show it about midnight (typical).

It is about a seemingly ordinary wife and mother (Allison DuBois) who was studying law and working for the District Attorney’s office. She discovers that her dreams are clues to crimes that may or may not yet have been committed…

Medium Extended Trailer 2006

I’m Off to See the Archivist…

Just imagine singing it to the tune of ‘The Wizard of Oz’! I’m very excited, and may possibly skip around my house tonight. No photos will be taken of this however 😉

A while ago I discovered that in the collections of the University of Aberdeen, they have no less than 112 boxes of historic items from Castle Fraser. I’ve been looking into visiting, and now think I may be able to do this by the end of the week!

It has family letters, drawings and photographs, not to mention a box full of hair! Yes, that last one is slightly icky. I’m very interested in the letter and photos, and they even have Miss Elyza Fraser’s journal. I shall update you when I have more news on this.