So, It’s the End of 2007 Already

It’s come around so fast, new year’s eve.  I’ve never liked this time –  I prefer to be asleep when it turns midnight myself.  I find it all quite boring.

I hope you have all had a great Christmas holiday period and thanks to those of you who popped by and left Christmas greetings, they are much appreciated.

So, what’s new for 2008?  Well I have a few more historical posts to write, some genealogical ones too.  I don’t stop working on this kind of thing, just don’t post about it until I feel like it!  Haven’t really had much opportunity to be out with my camera lately, but I’m hoping to get some snowy shots soon to post here.  We had a very pretty severe frost on Christmas morning, which was almost like having a white Christmas!  Maybe I should have taken a picture of that, but gifts were calling…

Castle Fraser is closed now until Easter, so I shall be perfecting my children’s quizzes and doing a lot more research into the family for the next year.  I suspect that I still have many more interesting things to find.  I have also got plans to do more with my current photographic images and am thinking about adding a shop to these pages, but we shall see…oh, and more metal gigs please!

Here’s to us!  :mrgreen:

Castle Fraser’s Follow the Star Weekend

As promised I have finally written down my experiences of this year’s Christmas weekend.

It was a great time, I think had by both parents and children!  We had choirs singing in the Great Hall by the large open fire both days, and Gregory the Goblin storytelling in the Library, amongst other things.

I was stationed in the Great Hall at the crafts table for the children.  Together, we sent many reindeer and donkeys out into the world!  Also a great many Christmas cards were completed for everyone.

There was also a Christmas quiz around the castle, and shopping and the Tea Room for everyone else.

The highlight of both days, of course, is always the ‘Follow the Star’ parade, led by the choir, the 3 kings, and not forgetting the camel!  The children also dressed up as angels and shepherds, and walked, with the star, to the Courtyard, which was set up as a stable, with donkey, goat and of course, baby Jesus.

It was a tiring weekend, but great fun.  See you next year!

London: Final Day

I’d better get to this before the new year comes round! I’ve got an update of the Follow the Star weekend at Castle Fraser to follow too.

Well, last day in London and I always have time for copious amounts of shopping. It’s just a shame I always have too much to carry home in my bag.

We had a good look round, but I really miss my favourite book shops, so this is what I mainly went out for. Just for you people though, I took a few shots of London at night. It was colder in London than Scotland when I was there, so photography was a slight challenge.

So, it was dinner, packing and then the 3.30am coach to the airport for my flight. See you next year London, here’s Chelsea Bridge all lit up, with the beautiful crescent moon. I call this Moon Over the Water:

Well, I’d Never Heard of Him Before…

Whilst dribbling over the TV programme Antiques Roadshow (members of the public come in from all over the UK to have their treasures valued – for the uninitiated) a lady and her son came in with 3 pictures of birds which were quite pleasant.

I don’t normally get too interested in the art that comes up, until they moved to the artists’ signature which was G. E. Lodge.  Now, to me, that’s highly exciting as he’s a namesake, and I’m a family historian.  I’d never heard of a Lodge artist before.

Before any of you get too excited, he’s from Lincolnshire, and it’s doubtful that we’re related, but still I like to hear of famous people with the same surname as me.  Some of them are even actually related…

You can find out more about him here.  Interestingly, his father was Canon of Lincoln Cathedral, and I’ve been there too.

London Day Three: HIM Concert

After a late night, plus snacks as I am always starving after concerts, we had a late start to the day preparing for the HIM concert. HIM are also Finnish and the lead singer has done some work with Apocalyptica before. This is probably the last HIM gig I will go to, so we got there pretty early as the fans always queue early for them and we wanted a good photography spot again!

I’m pleased to say we got an even better spot and we liked the support band Kill Hannah who are from the USA. They were pretty excited to be at the Astoria (I wonder if I get frequent attendance points?) and played an energetic set, so I will be looking into hearing more of their music, and you will find a video of their song ‘Lips Like Morphine’ below.

HIM came on quite early, and played a really long set, mixed with old and new songs which I was glad about as I’m not so fond of their new stuff, but their roadies took ages to set up and I was getting seriously bored waiting for them to tape down rugs to the stage!

All in all, it was a good night, and the fans certainly enjoyed it, but I think we all would have appreciated even just a quick encore.

Here’s Kill Hannah’s video and a few of my shots of the evening (HIM’s lighting was a bit crappy):

YouTube Preview Image

The Hobbit’s Coming!

(Woo hoo) in 2009 and Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh are going to produce it!  I wonder who will direct it?  There have been rumours that Sam Raimi will do it.

The other good news is that there were will another film also, which has not yet been named.  I would be on cloud 9 if they did the Lays of Beleriand or The Silmarillion.

Did I mention I was a Lord of the Rings/Tolkien fan?!  😉

New Apocalyptica Video – S.O.S (Anything But Love) Featuring Cristina Scabbia

While I’m on the subject, this is Apo’s new video of the single S.O.S (Anything But Love) from their latest album Worlds Collide, which is being released in the UK early next year.

Whilst Apo often do purely instrumental tracks there are quite a few with guest vocals also. This song features Cristina Scabbia from the Italian band Lacuna Coil. Enjoy!

Update, I have been unable to find a new video to put in place of the deleted old one since none will allow embedding, sorry.