So Many Brooches, So Little Time

In the past, I’ve only talked about my ‘name’ or ‘sweetheart’ brooches, and did one post a very long while ago about my hand brooches.  Since then, I’ve diversified quite a bit, and have picked up a number of different designs that have caught my eye, or I have fallen in love with.  Most are Victorian, some Edwardian.

To bring you up to date with the ‘name’ brooches, I have just 2 more of those, Phylis and Louisa.  As part of a lot, I recently got an Edwardian ‘mother’ brooch also.  The hand brooches, which are made of pressed and dyed horn, I have only managed to get one more – a hand holding a basket.  Some of these are fairly rare now and harder to find.  I personally would love to find one with a fan, that’s a beautiful design.

For some strange reason lately I’ve been buying ‘good luck’ brooches, I have 3 here all showing horse shoes.  Plus 3 pretty random ones, I love Oak trees, so one with Acorns, one pretty paste star and a pierced silver swallow design dangling from a bow.

The final brooch of the day has to be the very romantic swallow, framed in a heart made of forget-me-nots.  I acquired this at Fyvie Castle last Summer, I particularly love the saftey catch, also with a swallow.  I wear this one a lot.

Brooches are such a great thing to collect.  For a few pounds you can get a really nice silver Victorian brooch and own a little piece of history.  Be warned though, it’s addictive!

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The Victorian Ladies Are Back

Yes, the ladies from my photo collection are back.  Or more correctly, I recently acquired some more.  😉

The first one I love because of her beautiful eyes, the next two I actually bought more for their jewellery.  The first, as her locket looks like mine, and the second because I would probably kill for that collar and locket!  She also has the distinction of being my first American Victorian lady.

I will have some Edwardian girls to show soon.

The Coin Plot Thickens

After the great 1823 farthing discovery, I emptied my tin of coins to tidy them up and sort them out (Prinny shamed me into it!). Just when I thought there could be no more surprises, well actually there were.

I found out that I have more Edward VII coins than Victorian ones, ranging from 1902 to 1934. I have many, many Victorian pennies, mostly from the 1870s to 1902. The oldest English ones I have of her reign are actually, you guessed it, farthings again. I have a few of these from the 1860s. I do have a handful of George VI and our current queen Elizabeth II coins also dating 1938-1967.

I also discovered that the lady I inherited the majority of this collection from must have either bought quite a few from dealers, or more likely had friends travelling the world who brought her back coins. I have coins from Sweden, France, India, Belgium, Canada, Jersey, Guernsey, the USA, South Africa and Ireland (plus a couple more I’m not sure of yet!). The oldest ones of these date back to the 1880s, being France and Belgium particularly, and as I know her father and uncle fought in World War I, this would explain it, I think.

A little more exciting are the coins from India. I have a handful of these, some are Rupees, but a couple I have are the currency of the East India Company. A one quarter Anna from 1835 and a half Anna from 1845. Also, I personally found it exciting to see a coin from Belgium dated 1862 with Leopold on it. King Leopold was Queen Victoria’s uncle, the brother of her mother, and the widower of Princess Charlotte, daughter of King George IV who sadly died in childbirth in 1817.

But…wait for it, I have saved the best for last. I am in a state of shock to find that right at the bottom of the pile, I found another old farthing. I thought a first it must be another of George IV until I realised it says CAROLUS on it. That’s Latin for Charles for those of you who may not know. Yes, I have a Charles II coin dating from the 1670s.


Pictured: the coins before sorting, Victoria penny 1873 and farthing 1862, the East India coins and Leopold’s coin, lastly Prinny and Charles II farthings.

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Good Lord, I’ve Had Prinny in a Tin for Years

I don’t suppose it would surprise many of you to learn that I have a small amount of old coins would it? No??

My parents saved some old coins for my brother and I when we went decimal here in the 1970s, but a friend of ours actually left me her collection of coins as well, the majority of which are Victorian pennies, and I doubt any of them are worth very much as they are mostly well worn and battered. But hey, I love them.

I was sorting out a cupboard a couple of days ago, and rifled through the coin tin looking at the pennies, thinking I might photograph one or two of the really old ones with the clearest pictures of Queen Victoria to post on here.

It was then I discovered that I actually have a George IV coin (Prinny) dated 1823 amongst them. I was very surprised indeed as I looked at them a great deal when I first got them, and have no recollection of this particular one. It is very dirty and not well kept, also being slightly bent, but again I love it.

Why you may ask? ‘Cos it’s old silly.  Just think who might have owned this coin over 185 years? Oh, and for the very nosy amongst you, I think it’s a Farthing coin.

Cool TV – NCIS

It’s been a while since I talked about TV, and I absolutely love this show.  It’s a grower.  I started watching it on Channel 5 here in the UK, and was never able to get into it properly as I had never seen the beginning.  I now have the first 2 seasons on DVD, so am enjoying it even more these days.  Unfortunately, if you try to watch recent episodes on TV, here at least, you end up between seasons 3 and 4 and I get confused.  So I’ll be happy when they have released the next DVDs.

For those of you that don’t know NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and this follows the agents under the command of Leroy Jethro Gibbs (an irascible soul if ever there was one).   It even has the added bonus of David McCallum as the Medical Examiner Dr ‘Ducky’ Mallard.  I particularly like the quirky character of the Forensic Specialist Abby Sciuto.

Season 1 was a solidly good season, but the end of season 2 was an absolute jaw-dropper!  I won’t spoil it for you here if you haven’t seen it, but take a look at a clip here to get a flavour of the show:

Shiny New Awards!

I love awards. Not just for being awarded something (though I do like that too), but I do get a bit of a fuzzy feeling when another blogger passes me an award because they like my blog.

So, thank you muchly to Rhonda a new blogfriend for these. :smile:

I appreciate all my readers, and am thinking of doing an award or contest…or both, very soon. Watch this space people.

Ski Sunday

No, don’t get excited I can’t ski and I didn’t go out Skiing today.

Since I was a child it has been something of a tradition to watch the TV programme Ski Sunday, not all the time, but for the bits that took place on the Austrian ski slopes.

To explain, we don’t really ski, but we have dabbled in the snow, in Austria. Chris and I spent many an hour trying to kill skiers while we practiced our tobogganing, never mind running over our own fingers whilst tobogganing backwards down the hill! As a family we have a great attachment to Austria, in particular the Tyrol and Kitzbuehel. The famous downhill race takes place in Kitzbuehel on the Hahnenkamm mountain.

We used to watch the great Franz Klammer (I have a video of him on the blog somewhere), and my parents attended the Innsbruck Winter Olympics (the skiing being in Kitz) to watch him win. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make that event, as my Mum was pregnant with me, not such a good view from there, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So, it was the first Ski Sunday of the season today, and we enjoyed picking apart the Men’s Downhill race in Kitz as usual.

I still only cheer for the Austrian skiers to this day.  :smile: