Eleanor of Castile by Mark Satchwill

Thanks to the lovely Alianore, I recently discovered the work of UK artist Mark Satchwill. We have all been particularly admiring Mark’s watercolours of Edward II (Eleanor’s youngest son) and Isabella. I also looked through his portfolio of work, and discovered that he had painted many historical figures plus many other gorgeous original images.

Of course, being me, I had to ask Mark if he was going to paint Eleanor! Well, I’d like to think she has some input into this site, and would demand to know in her own queenly way! I was very pleased to learn that Eleanor was indeed on his list to paint.

So, how excited am I? I got an email yesterday letting me know that Eleanor’s painting was finished and up on Mark’s blog! I was in no doubt of his talent, but I was stunned by how beautiful she looks. The lovely wavy long hair, regal face and aristocratic profile – but most important of all – she looks vital and alive, how I like to remember her despite her beautiful crosses.

Why not go over and visit Mark’s blog and say hi? Tell him I sent you. Don’t forget to look at his paintings and prints that are still available to buy via his website. I have to warn you I have bought the original of Eleanor, but you can still buy a print of it!

Eleanor of Castile by Mark Satchwill. Image re-produced with kind permission of the artist.

Say Hello to My Latest Edwardian Treasure

Well I’m reliably informed it’s Edwardian, but I don’t mind as it was so pretty I fell in love with it anyway!

It’s a costume jewellery piece, gilt metal with pretty pink paste stones.  In my slightly insane way I have an image in my mind of a lady wearing this in the evening with a very pretty Edwardian dress!  The picture doesn’t really do it justice, as in the right light the stones really sparkle.

Well, I can’t say that I do it justice either, but I am enjoying wearing it…

…and the Winner Is…

Thank you to all of you that took part in the Victorian Caption Contest.

It was a tough choice but the lucky winner is Melissa! You will have a congratulatory message in your Inbox and Being Elizabeth Bennet will be winging it’s way to you Melissa, very shortly.

I will be doing a bigger contest for the Eleanorblog Blogoversary in April, so watch out for this for another chance to win.

The winning caption:

“Let’s lay our cards on the table, shall we? You don’t like my bonnet, and I abhor your cuffs!”

Men murmur in the background

“Could you kick the bucket of jello their way, my friend? I think they’re about to have at it.”

If Only I Had the Cash…

It was a while ago now that I first saw this, but something just jogged my memory.

I have discovered that you can actually own a model of Castle Fraser!  It’s quite nifty too.  Very detailed, though very expensive!  I’ve never seen one in the UK, but I’m sure there must be some stockists somewhere.

Anyone want to buy me one…pretty please?!

Check out the maker’s web page here.  Try the 360 degree view, it’s very cool, though you might want to try using the click on and drag option with your mouse to avoid motion sickness :mrgreen:

Like Creative Writing?

I’m sure many of you do, especially the bloggers amongst you!

I am very tempted to do this, though I’m not sure I have the time to really do it justice at the moment.  Over at Bebo Author you can take part in a short story writing contest.

Why not pop over and have a look yourself?  Anyone already signed up?  Drop me a comment!

Rhonda Spoils Me

By giving me more awards! I feel all overcome!  Do pop over and say hi to Rhonda aka Chuck at Foster Me Up. Let her know what you think of the snippet of her book she’s posted so far…hugs to you Rhonda!

If you’re on my blogroll I love your blog, so take the awards with Eleanor’s and my best wishes.

The Tourist’s Eleanor

The surviving Eleanor Crosses in Geddington and Hardingstone, Northamptonshire have been popular postcard destinations for many years. In my Eleanor collection I have many of these, dating back to the early 1900s, from about 1905 I think. You will also see the Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire.

Postcards of historic sites are always a reasonable way to collect views of your favourite building/site or person. They are usually available for about a pound each, sometimes less if they are a little dog-eared!

I also have a postcard of Eleanor’s tomb, or the electrotype version anyway, which I have posted here before. I’m always hoping for more exciting ones. We’ll see…

Geddington, Hardingstone and Waltham Cross early postcards, plus a photographic card of Charing Cross, showing the Victorian replica of the original.

Henry Rollins’ Spoken Word Tour

I was fortunate enough to go and see Henry Rollins on Saturday as he continues his latest spoken word tour around the world (luckily, as I’d forgotten when it was!).

If you like music, you may have heard of him through Black Flag or the Rollins Band (or via his favourite, The Ruts, lol).  He has also written many books and has his own publishing company amongst other things.

Unfortunately, we got there really early as the tickets stated 7.30pm, but it wasn’t due to start until 8.30pm.   It was a fantastic 3 hours though.  Henry can shock, entertain and have you laughing like a drain in a matter of moments while telling a mix of personal, musical and other experiences.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was starting go numb from all the sitting, but I wouldn’t have missed it either!  A great night – go and see Henry if you can.  That man has travelled to some very strange places… 😀