Anyone Else Been Following Back to the Future?

After my Indy marathon, I seem to be getting lured into watching other 80s films or trilogies that I loved at the time, and still love now.

Those of you in the UK will have noticed that the Back to the Future trilogy has been shown over the past few weeks.  Unfortunately, I haven’t got home from work in time to see the entire films, but I’ve really loved seeing them again.  Plus I also have the trilogy boxset on DVD.

Good news other Indy fans too, if you don’t own a copy, BBC1 is showing them all starting this Sunday.  Have fun…might have to dig out Star Wars at this rate.  Oh, and did I mention I managed to pick up Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile the other day too?  😀

Buying Fraser

It is a constant source of amusement to me to discover new things that are available to buy that are about – or of – Castle Fraser. I’ve collected information on quite a number of things that I thought I would list for interested parties:

  • Cross-stitch of Castle Fraser. There are two different designs available from Mearnscraft and Isle of Skye Crafts (scroll down a little on the page). Incidentally, I have also been to Scone Palace and the House of Dun, which are also listed at Mearnscraft and are recommended. After you visit us of course.
  • Watercolour prints of Castle Fraser. Available from The Bridgeman Art Library is David Herbert’s painting, plus a colourful rendition from Jonathan Wheeler Art (again, please scroll for this one). I personally own 3 prints, though not the previous ones. I own 2 by Ceinwen Campbell Artworks (whose website appears to be broken sadly) and 1 by Bill Cockburn from Neil Macleod Prints, which I cannot find a website for.
  • Original photography of Castle Fraser. Whilst there are a number of pictures out there, many of which belong to the National Trust for Scotland, I am listing those that are for sale from professional sources. Some of the images are available from several different suppliers. A moody black and white example from Catriona Fraser (no relation I think!). Also a nice image by Graeme Cornwallis available from
  • Now how about reproduction furniture?! If you have some spare cash, you might want to buy a copy of the sofa and chair from the Worked Room at the castle from Clockhouse Furniture. Thanks to Elinor for this link!
  • My personal favourite, a model of the castle. If I had the cash, I would definitely buy one of these from JP Editions.
  • Finally, you may be interested in buying a DVD box set which is about Scottish castles in general. Castles of Scotland can be bought as a boxset, or in individual volumes. I am told that many of the castles are only viewed from aerial footage, and not from the inside. I believe Fraser is on Vol. 1, but don’t hold me to that as I haven’t seen this series. Please also bear in mind that the copies I have seen for sale are available in region 2, and are not suitable for North American viewers.

Please note that I do not endorse these products, nor have I purchased from these online shops. Details are provided for you to use if you wish. If anyone has any other sites to add with great Fraser things to buy, or had any experiences with these shops that may interest others, do let me know and I will add it here.

Of course, we sell some great products at our castle shop, but I don’t have a comprehensive list of these, so keep checking back and I’ll add some more information on this shortly.

Happy shopping!

Eleanor’s First Blogoversary

Happy anniversary to us! I can’t believe we’ve been here a year already. Thanks to all of my visitors and commentors, past and present. I won’t mention you all by name here, as I will do another post shortly with love-linkage for you all.

I decided to do a part giveaway, part competition if you like. Below is a short poll of the main things that I post here. I could have put in lots of different things, but decided to keep it relatively short!

Please participate by letting me know what are your favourite things here. Plus, I would also like to know what you would like to see more of, or a suggestion of a post you would like me to write. All are welcome to take part in the poll, but please leave me a comment if you wish to be included in the draw.

In return, the 3 runners up will receive a guide book of Castle Fraser. My second favourite suggestion will receive a guide book and booklet ‘Life at Castle Fraser 150 Years Ago’. Top suggestion or comment will receive a guide, booklet, magnet and thimble plus some heather seeds, all purchased with my own fair hands.

Hope this makes sense, but feel free to email me about it if not. Also, keep the suggestions coming for a new website design for the main pages. I am working on ideas at the moment, and hope to include a permanent castle page for all the latest news.

Thanks for coming, here’s to another year at EleanorBlog!

Thanks to all of you who voted, the poll has now closed.  Feel free to keep leaving your comments though.

Made an Entrecard Favourite – and I Forgot to Tell You

Ooops! Some of you will have noticed (or are even participating) the widget at the top right showing other blogs, which is a site called Entrecard that I signed up to a couple of months ago. It gives you a chance to check out other great blogs that you may not have seen before, and of course, advertise your own. All for free.

Lady Rose of Entrecard favourites, very kindly picked this little blog as the favourite of the day on the 10 April. Thanks so much again for that!

Here’s our prize:

New Queer Eye

Who else loves Queer Eye?!  My Mum and I both love to watch this.  I don’t know what it is, but it’s really addictive.

I watched the first couple of series, then I didn’t see any more, so I thought they may have stopped making it.  But, lo!  It’s back in the UK on Living2 Mondays at 9pm.  I daresay it is repeated too.

This time the fab five are doing more of a fitness makeover apart from anything else.  They are still charming to watch though.  Give ’em a try.

You can also watch some clips from the old series below:

Contrary Mary

I told you a long time ago that I managed to discover and purchase another Victorian name brooch in the name of Mary.

Well, she was just staying at the antique shop for a clean, but would you believe managed to hide for about a month before she could be re-discovered and finally brought home with me!  She does look nice and spiffy now after a silver clean.

This brooch is the largest pierced silver round name brooch in my collection, and though it is one of the non-hallmarked ones (not unusual for Victorian jewellery), I suspect it may be one of the oldest.

Perhaps it was just waiting for me, and that was the reason why it took so long to get my brooch, but I caved and asked how much the owner would like for the WWI Princess Mary tin.  This now lives with me too :smile:

Must be a Mary thing…

It’s Exactly a Week to My First Blogoversary Already!

I’m shocked at how fast the time has gone.  This means that now I have to really sort out my website for Eleanor of Castile and upload the photos and articles that I have written etc.

The problem is I don’t actually like the theme I have on there any more.  I quite liked it at first, but it slightly depresses me now, so I don’t want to do any work on the site.  Unfortunately I really can’t afford to have a site designed, so I’m on the look out for some nice historic looking free layouts.

Anyone got any tips of good places to go?

I’m going to be giving some Castle Fraser stuff away in honour of my first blogoversary, but I haven’t decided if there is going to be a competition of some sorts in there as well.  Will announce it in a few days…