Announcing the Blogoversary Winners

Thanks again to all of you who voted and commented on what you like to see, and would like to see in future on EleanorBlog.

Thanks to the poll people I picked being a bit rubbish, I have just compiled the top 3 votes, which were for:

  • Anything about the Castle
  • Your photography
  • Historical people

I also recieved a number of votes for all of it! So thanks for that 😀 must be doing something right here…

I found it quite hard to only pick 5 winners from the commentors, so I think I shall do another giveaway later on in the year. Here are the lucky winners, congratulations, I will be contacting you shortly to send on your prizes!

Mrs Mecomber wins the top prize of guide books, magnet, thimble and seeds, Kathryn and Laura win both the guide books, and last but not least, Claire and Margaret win the castle guide book.

Swiss Railway Journeys

This post title is aka I Heart Austria.

Does anyone else watch this show?  My dad used to watch this years ago, and I know they repeat it on travel channels all the time as I often catch the end of episodes.  I know I’m not the only one that watches this show, it so reminds me of Austria, and those among you that are regulars know how much I love this country.

If you don’t watch it, start now!  By the way, if anyone can find an online video or DVD of it, let me know…

P.S, not long now ’til I’m back there, yay!

I’m Going As Fast As I Can!

I know that some of you will have noticed my posting being a bit slow lately.  I haven’t been able to give as much attention to this site as I would like, so as I have taken some much needed leave from my day job this week I’m hoping to update parts of the site, and get stuck in on Eleanor’s main pages.

So, very soon, showing here will be the linkies I promised and any tags I can fit in at the same time, plus the winners of the blogoversary giveaway and any other things I remember to post about.

Patience my friends 😉

Gothica/Fleurs du Mal

I don’t just like rock and metal music you know, I’m actually a fan also of classical and am a trained musician though I don’t really have the time to play anymore.

I just got Sarah Brightman’s new album ‘Symphony’ and these are my favourite songs ‘Gothica’ and ‘Fleurs du Mal’.

YouTube Preview Image

The Medieval Weekend Roundup

I know, I’ve been a bit slow posting this, but it was a fun but tiring weekend and I wanted to go through my photos first.

As most of you will have seen, we had a medieval village at the castle for the weekend of 26-27 April. It was a small village this time showing things like cooking, medicine and how people would dress, plus of course, my favourite which happens to be weaponry (hee).

We were quite busy on Saturday in the castle itself, and many people came out to see the village, which was great. So on Saturday afternoon I was asked whether I would like to dress in medieval type clothing and join the village outside on Sunday (whilst checking tickets etc.). I have to confess, I was a bit dubious, as of course I am interested in medieval things, I don’t think I really look very authentic when dressed up! Well, I gave it a go, and it was fun and very busy outside. Plus, I got a ringside seat when things were happening and the best of the Spring sunshine. I also learnt I really don’t walk well in dresses, especially when opening the castle and climbing spiral staircases…no injuries to report you will be relieved to hear.

The visiting children also had a fantastic time beating up the knights!

Here are some of my favourite moments:

All images are copyright Alison Lodge 2008