Holiday to Kitz

As I posted a week or so ago, in the second week of July, my family and I disappeared for nearly 3 weeks on holiday. We went to Kitzbuehel, Tyrol, Austria (staying just outside the town) in a rented traditional style house.

It was huge, entirely made from wood, with bedrooms for around 7/8 people, a kitchen, bathroom, huge lounge and own balcony. I think we felt very spoilt indeed when we arrived! As we travelled over to Europe by car, we were able to tour around to a few different places, and I’ll include a selection of photos here. We had mixed weather, unfortunately more rain than we would have liked, but we did have some very hot days too. I had a great time, but was very tired when I got home.

I nearly forgot to mention, my Mum and I also got awarded at a small champagne reception our certificates for 10 (bronze) and 20 (gold) visits to the town. We got presents and VIP passes too! Extra nice to be spoilt by the Tourist Board!

Here are some views, I will probably post a couple more once I’ve identified which ones in a few days. I also met an interesting character whilst shopping in St. Johann…watch this space.

The view looking out to the left of our balcony of the Kitzbueler Horn mountain with TV aerial on top.

The town of Zell am See, which as the name suggests is set next to a beautiful lake. The weather was gorgeous here, there were paragliders out on the lake as well as boaters. Some of the family went out on the lake, but I hate boats, so I ate my lunch and waved 😀

There are also some fantastic old hotels from about 1903-1905 set at the side of the lake.

We also journeyed to the city of Salzburg, which has many interesting historical places and museums to visit, though I didn’t get to see too many! We had a long walk about the city, and stopped in at the Catherdral, from where I took this picture. The sell donut pretzels here too, you would have liked them 😉

Achensee, also obviously, set around a huge lake, is very beautiful, but sadly the weather was absolutely terrible, and quite cold on the day we visited. I was able to capture the lovely colour of the lake here though.

The church of the town of Soell. This is a lovely, but reasonably remote place, which has some lovely walks to take around it.

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I must thank the very lovely Mrs Mecomber of New York Traveler for the Arte y Pico Award and Rhonda aka Chuck from Foster Me Up for The Perfect Blend of Friendship Award.

I am posting slightly belatedly, as these lovely awards were given to me over the last couple of months. I always feel very privileged to be chosen.

Thanks guys! As always, they are dedicated to my lovely readers, please take one if you will.

Victorian Month Begins in Style

So it begins! Victorian month at Castle Fraser started in earnest this weekend, my quiz is up and running, and we had a local re-inactment group who I’ve mentioned before (Medieval Realm, being, well, not Medieval) to come in dressed as Victorians to speak to visitors and circulate around different rooms in the castle.

The weather was slightly uncertain, but on Saturday some of the members were showing their swords skills in the Courtyard, plus fighting with walking sticks, pocket watches and handkerchiefs! Believe or not, these can all be lethal if wielded properly. Our ladies spent much time sewing and playing cards in the Library, we had a cook in the kitchen, plus a chimney sweep, handily. You should see how big the chimney is in the Great Hall!

On Sunday, the displays were kept to the Great Hall due to yet more showers. We had lots of visitors over the weekend, so that was great, thanks to all who participated and visited. Roll on the rest of the month! Medieval Realm will be back in September for the Battle of Harlaw on the weekend of 13/14 September.

In the end, I decided not to take photos, as much of the displays were inside the castle, so it is not ideal, hopefully I will capture the battle instead.