The Aftermath of the Battle

A  picture I took of the battle.  I wasn’t able to get outside very much though, it was too busy.  See my previous post for a video of the fab Clan An Drumma though for more action.

Please note this picture is copyright 2008 Alison Lodge, do not use without permission.

The Day By the Sea

Happened a couple of weeks ago now, but I’ve been too caught up in other things to actually write about it.  We went for a meander out, thinking we would maybe do a bit of shopping.  Turns out, we ended up by the sea!

Now I know I live by the sea, but mostly I don’t remember it’s there.  You know, I’m not used to having it that close.  It was one of those almost perfect days, where the sun shone, and the sea breeze wasn’t too cold.  We stayed mostly in Cullen, and then had a pootle down the road looking for Findlater Castle, which ended up literaly as find later, as we couldn’t – find it that is.  Though we did find Conzie Castle, this is the mystery ruin I found by the road, but identify until recently.

Also found gorgeous antique shops, which I could have cheerfully lived in, bought Antonia Fraser’s bio of Marie Antoinette and a guide for Balmoral Castle.  I’ve wanted to re-read Marie Antoinette for ages, ever since I visited the Hofburg Palace in Innsbruck, Austria and saw the portratits of her, and all her brothers and sisters.  I got the Balmoral guide because I do want to visit, but I know there’s not much the public is allowed to see, so I thought I’d have a look beforehand.

The other shop yielded a Baby antique brooch (for my name brooch collection), designed by Charles Horner.  I got a good price for it, but I think it’s going to need some restoration work to bring the blue enamel back to its full beauty.  Pics of that later.  I’ve also managed to finally get a Castles Map, which turns out to have fairly obscure ruins on it, not quite obscure enough, but still.

Here’s the sea, taken from the harbour at Cullen, copyright 2008 Alison Lodge, please do not use without permission.

Check out Retrogirl!

Hello lovely people.  I have just discovered that my friend Elinor has started a blog!

There is only one post at the mo, so it is a baby blog, but I would appreciate it if you would pop over and say hello and give some encouragement to a new fellow blogger. Thanks :smile:

Pics of the Medieval Festival coming up soon…

Elinor’s blog Retrogirl.

A Very Quick Update, and Shout Out to Clann an Drumma!

Hello, I will do a longer post soon, but just wanted to say the Battle of Harlaw and Medieval Festival went well, despite Saturday’s awful weather.  The sun even came out yesterday 😯

We had a medieval camp, fighting soldiers, cannons (yes, I did hit the Dining Room ceiling at least 4 times) and the fantastic Clann an Drumma.  They were especially brilliant, and I am now dancing around my house to their CD.

Go, listen, enjoy.

Oh, and by the way I’ve just found a video of them from earlier in the year, volume up!

I have to say, were the audience dead in that clip?  There was much whooping, cheering and clapping when they played yesterday…and dancing.  Though not by me (dancing that is).

Strictly’s Back Next Week!

Yay, Strictly Come Dancing starts again next Saturday.  I’ve been watching the preview tonight, and it looks like it’s going to be another fun year.

You can always tell when Winter’s coming, when good TV is back on our screens!  I’m really enjoying Who Do You Think You Are?, Lost In Austen, Medium, Ghost Whisperer and The Tudors (believe it or not about The Tudors, I didn’t like the first series much).  Plus, I just heard that there is a new series called Merlin starting next week.  It’s in Robin Hood’s timeslot, so let’s hope it turns out to be better than that.

Now, all I’d like is for Channel 5 to show the latest series of NCIS, as I’ve got confused with which series I’ve seen or not, and for Bones to be back very soon.

Mmmm, cold nights, great books and TV.

The Battle of Harlaw and Medieval Festival this Weekend

Hello, just a quick reminder, it is the Medieval Festival including the Battle of Harlaw, this lovely rainy weekend at the Castle.

You can read some more details here, plus this section of the site will tell you all the upcoming events while the castle is open (until the end of October) and Christmas.

Will try and capture photos, can’t promise not to be too busy though!

Awarded and Tagged

The lovely Lidian, has presented me with the equally lovely I Love Your Blog award!  Woo hoo 😀

I love her blog too!  Actually I’ve found so many I love lately, I’m way past due to updating my Blogroll.

Anyhoo, I am now supposed to further award this to at least 7 blogs I love.  It’s a little tricky as so many of you whose blogs I love have already been awarded.  Hmm, let’s see:

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and of course, everyone else, ‘cos I love all your blogs really.  Feel free to take the award.  I will try and get round to letting you all know as soon as I can…

The rules, however, are that you:

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Plus, last but not least, the lovely Jean has tagged me.  I’m being a little naughty here, as it’s a questions about you tag, and am directing everyone back to some answers I did a while ago.  Hope that’s ok!  If anyone else wants to take up Jean’s original tag, please pop over and visit.

Castles, Castles, Everywhere…

Well, for those of you that may not have noticed (how?!) my friend and I are still avidly and intrepidly visiting more ruins, and some intact places of castles – and other stately homes and historic places of interest – pretty much every week.

Hello, my name is Alison and I’m a ruinaholic.  I see them everywhere, last week I was supposed to be going on a shopping jaunt (albeit via some country roads, not in a city) and I had yet another, ‘Stop the Car, there’s a Castle!’ moment.  I haven’t managed to identify this castle ruin yet, but I likes it very much (gollum).  I think my Mum was much amused by my knee high wet, grassy walk along the road to see it though.

I’ve thought about what pictures I could add here, ‘cos you know, I practically never go anywhere without my camera, but I just can’t choose what to show.  I’m also loath to mention some, as they are dangerous ruins to visit anyway and I don’t want to encourage the wrong people to see them (not you guys, honest).

What I’ve decided is to mention a few, well, mentionable ones:

  • Kinnaird Head Castle, now Kinnaird Head Lighthouse (yes, I did say lighthouse.)  A stark murder of a castle, which is what I’d like to do to the person who painted it, but great views of the sea, an interesting wine tower, and there is also the Lighthouse Museum to visit.
  • Delgatie Castle.  A bit of strange, though no less lovely sight, this castle has had many additions, but is still in private family hands.  Very interesting collection, dizzying staircase, and the most beautifully intact Regency rooms I have ever seen.  Lovely dovecote too.
  • Dunnottar Castle.  Ruined, but what a ruin!  Breathtaking location, very hard climb, but great place to visit.
  • Aden House (and Country Park).  A now ruined 19th century mansion house, the ruin is a little manicured for my taste, but it is interesting to view the layout, and the country park is lovely.  Also home to an interesting farming museum in the old stables.
  • Deer Abbey.  A bit of a remote one, but worth the visit.  Lovely, fairly extensive ruin of an abbey, set curiously in what looks like a much later walled garden.  Also has very friendly sheep.

Well, that’s all for the moment folks!

Victorian Ladies Fashion

I love this ad, it’s so beautifully done.  I’m almost convinced I need a bonnet…almost.  Though Sarahanne over at Victorian Times has me totally convinced I need one of her dresses, sigh.

I suspect this ad will be right up Lidian’s street too.  I picked up this 1880s edition of The Young Ladies Journal along with photos and Christmas Cards on one of my visits to Westminster Abbey.  The corner of their shop has a nice little vintage section.