Little Dorrit

I’m quite excited about this new series, as I really enjoyed Bleak House several years ago.

Obviously, this is a very different story, but it is being shown, I think, in a broadly similar format.

Anyhow, I have been recording the first few episodes so that I can watch them altogether, and see if I like it enough to continue.  Any fans out there?

Little Dorrit Video


Like the Halloween mice?  Well, you might like these then.

My Mum has been producing Bats and Spiders of varying sizes for the castle to sell to raise a little extra money.  Here they are ready for sale:

I should point out that no patterns were involved, I just asked and she created.  The spiders even came with their own web!

Do You Volunteer?

It’s how I started out working in historic properties.

We will be needing more volunteers for next season, we can never have too many!  Same for our other properties, and I daresay for places in England, Wales and Ireland, never mind the rest of the world.  Perhaps it’s something you could try to give a local historic property or museum a hand?

In the NTS you can now apply/enquire online and read the latest Volunteer magazine.

Click for the NTS website here.  The volunteer section is over here.

Thank you!

Vintage Films

I absolutely love vintage films and have a small collection of memorabilia, which I’ll be doing some posts on soon.  I just found this clip of a particular favourite of mine, First A Girl, 1935.  It’s a bit obscure these days, and you can’t buy it on DVD, I was lucky enough to grab it on video about 10 or so years ago.

Great comedy, song and dance numbers and gorgeous costumes, yay!

Just to whet your appetites!

Braemar News

Remember my visit to Braemar Castle in May?  The community continue to restore the castle, and it has just recently been officially re-opened by HRH Charles, the Prince of Wales.

How exciting for them!  They are a great example of what a community can do to rescue historic properties in danger, and I look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.

Link to news article about the re-opening here.  It was a while ago now, meant to post this earlier!

Angelic Interlude

I heard this song for the first time tonight, and thought it was beautiful.  I’m always a fan of singers with beautiful clear voices anyway.

This is Sarah McLachlan singing In the Arms of An Angel.  Apparently it was used in the film City of Angels also – which explains this particular clip!

There Be Mice In This House

Some of you will be pleased to know they aren’t the real-live kind, though I do have pet rats, but that’s another story…

The creative gene probably came to me via my Mother, who has been making things for years, even when she was quite a young child, and her Mother did also.  She is a fantastic knitter, she could probably do things in her sleep, and her current thing to make is mice.  The highly cute kind.

Here’s some pictures of the first batch (or at least most recent, she has made them before) and I persuaded her to make little Halloween version too.  She gets patterns, and then adapts them, and makes different clothes etc.

Please note, that I didn’t inherit the knitting gene sadly, I am rubbish.