Things to Do At Castle Fraser This December

Well, I did promise I would update you on this one!

Across the NTS we are having lots of Christmas events.  Castle Fraser will be having Carol Concerts, Santa Lucia and of course, the Follow the Star weekend.

Follow the Star is of course, a procession of the 3 Kings, Camels, Angels and Shepherds and manger.  (Full size, and non-managerial, tee hee!)

You can click on the posters below to read the specifics, if you need any further information, do telephone or email the castle.

More Autumn TV

I’m really getting into Little Dorrit now, and lo and behold, the Autumn TV schedule has provided more delights for us to watch.

Starting last night, Channel 4 has a new drama about the Civil War called The Devil’s Whore.  I am particularly interested in this period of history so I am quite impressed with it so far.  The end of the episode was quite shocking, I watched with my hands over my mouth!  How creepy was Peter Capaldi as Charles I?!

I have also just heard that there is going to be a new drama series, which was entitled The Last Van Helsing, but now appears to be called Demons.  It stars Philip Glenister as a Van Helsing, and was produced by the same people as Hex, which I also loved.  You can see a trailer here.

Has anyone else tried Apparitions starring Martin Shaw?  I’m not sure what to make of it yet.

Learning While I Sleep

Who knew?  I’m getting quite good at this.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who hates been woken in the morning by loud bleeping/ringing/buzzing alarm clocks?  I got a clock radio some years ago so that music could wake me up more gently.  I’m so not a morning person.

For a while now I keep waking up thinking I’ve dreamt something, and they’ve actually been talking about it on the radio!  I have a classical channel on, as I don’t like lots of chatter either, and this morning they were talking about Handel’s Sarabande which is one of my absolute favourites.  Click on the title if you want to hear it.  :smile:

Visit Leith Hall at Christmas

Hello all, a slight change from my normal promotion of just Castle Fraser!

Leith Hall was the first property aquired by the National Trust for Scotland in NE Scotland.  It is a beautiful mansion house, with a wonderful collection to visit.  Please do give it your support if you can.

This year, Leith is having a Victorian Christmas on the 6-7 December 1-4pm.  Go on, you know you want to…

A Very Victorian Christmas at Leith Hall

Haddo & Hedgehogs

One of my favourite things to do this time of year is to go to and do the things I can’t normally.  This is the thing about working weekends.  I don’t mind doing that really, but sometimes it makes life a little difficult when you want to go somewhere or visit something in particular.

Castle season is officially over, as of 31 October.  It actually leaves a great gaping hole for me, as I miss it dreadfully.  Good news is that we do open for some Christmas events, as do other historic properties.  More about that in another post.

Since discovering it last year, I now annually go to Haddo House’s Christmas Fair.  It is always the first weekend of November, and the house also opens for visitors.  It’s a really lovely time to visit the house and gardens, and because a lot of musical events happen here, plenty of room for stall holders and ideas for gifts.  One of my favourite annual stall holders is Sue Quinn.  She, amongst other things produces the most beautiful bears and hedgehogs.  Last year I bought a bear, this year I made sure I took a hedgehog home with me!  Life is good with hedgehogs…

You can see some of Sue’s work at her website, Bears by Sue Quinn, plus there is a special section for Hedgehog Corner.  My hedgehog isn’t dressed, that’s next years’ project for me then!

A Soul for the Souls

I’ve been thinking about the upcoming Armistice (11 November) and the souls that were and are being lost in times of conflict.

I think I will write more about this next week at a more appropriate time, but offer one of my ladies from my collection for your viewing pleasure.

I think she is proof enough, even though I don’t know who she is, that the dead never leave us.

A New Collection?

I’m a big fan of postcards.  Of course, it’s always nice to receive one when someone goes away on holiday, or to buy one of something that maybe you can’t photograph – but I don’t mean it especially like that.

I think vintage postcards are a great way (and very inexpensive) of collecting views of the past.  We all know there’s no secret about my quest with the past!

A new collection beginning in my house is that of vintage postcards of the historic properties that I have visited.  I like to photograph them myself anyway, so I am now looking to match them with interesting postcard views, normally dating from around the Edwardian period.

My friend Elinor has very kindly purchased some to get the collection started, but below is one I found of Glamis Castle.  I visited Glamis when I was 17, which is a veeeeery long time ago.  Must go back there soon…