The London Journal 1857

Here’s the front page from the London Journal from 22 August 1857, which I own a full copy of.

I mainly like this for the illustrations, but it’s always worth taking a look at the short stories.  They’re an education, and I spoil you, I do.  😀

Ladies of Fashion

I Want to See the New Bond Film…

I’ve been sucked into wanting to see Quantum of Solace after seeing the new trailer.  Only trouble is I haven’t seen Casino Royale yet.  Will have to hurry up and update!

They both look dark, I so like dark films :smile:

YouTube Preview Image

Update:  I have now got my hands on a cheap DVD of Casino Royale.  A quick review, as I won’t bore you with pages of comments, but I loved it! It’s Bond, but different –  good different.  It’s exremely action packed, and I thought fairly violent in places, more so than I’d seen before for a cert 12 anyhow.  I loved the new beginnings, back story if you will, Vesper’s character was complex and refreshing.  Oh, and it had Venice in it too.  I shall be watching Quantum of Solace very soon I hope.

Christmas Creature Projects

The Mum’s knitting projects are proceeding apace:

  • All the mice that we had left here have now found new homes, though there are a few left in the castle.
  • The penguins (shown here) are all gone! I didn’t even get one :( Some also were gifts for friends.
  • The snowmen were created for the Castle Fraser Christmas quiz, and if they haven’t gone already, the winners have been drawn and they will shortly. The only one not shown here is Henry, the largest. Don’t ask why I know his name.

We have also been comissioned for bats and the spring creatures are in the process of being created. I may post pictures of those soon for your delectation.

As a reminder, the mice and the spiders/bats are here and here.

Handmade Penguins

Handmade Snowmen

It’s Christmas!

One of my favourites has been dusted off for your Christmas viewing pleasure. I defy any of you not to be dancing on your computer desks. That’s an order…

Oh, and a little bit of Judy to upset my Mum (who hates her voice with a passion!) for sentimentality. I love Meet Me in St. Louis.

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

Introducing Sophie, the Prima-bunny

We’ve had Sophie a while now.  My Mum adopted her from a bunny rescue place.  As she is an albino many people won’t have them as pets, honestly people are very strange.

Anyhow, she has settled in nicely in her new domain, and has the most recalcitrant hair I have ever come across!  It just won’t lay down…

Sophie gets her own way too, I want attention and I want it now, ok?

Sophie...she who must be adored.

I Should Really Read Twilight…

I’m taking a short break from the busy madness of my life right now just to write this!  Hello and thank you to all of you that are still visiting.

I am working hard finishing up the day job for the year before the holidays, and the castle is very busy indeed this time of year.  I won’t say I’m complaining cos I like being busy, but I just don’t have the extra time and energy to write much at the moment.  I have plans for soon though…

So, back to Twilight.  Something made me buy Meyer’s book ages ago, even before plans for the film were announced.  I have had it on my reading pile for an age, and it moves about but I still haven’t got to it yet.

I’m quite tempted to see the film, which has had fairly mixed reviews, but I’m more of a book person anyway.  So maybe I should just read it, and then the others in the series.  Maybe I’ll even have time soon.

But…watch the trailer for the film if you will, looks impressive to me.

YouTube Preview Image