Movie Glamour

As promised when I talked about First A Girl, I have dug out my movie memorabila from the 1920-1930s.  I’ve also talked before about some other favourites.  I hope that all the clips still work.  I’m amazed that some of the films still aren’t available to buy :sad:

The first part of my collection is about pictures.  The pictures you will see here are part of a collection that have been requested from movie studios, collected on postcards, from contemporary magazines and from advertising.  Some of these actually date back to 1905-6, and they contain film stars, stage stars and models.

The first two I’ve included are the largest in the collection, Janet Gaynor and Charles Farnell (scary teeth!) and Richard Dix.  I also have the original envelope from Los Angeles, California post stamped 1928 for the Richard Dix one.  I have about 40 of these pictures, so will show a few more shortly.

Janet Gaynor and Charles Farnell

Richard Dix

Betty Balfour, Lois Moran, Dolores Costello, Alice Terry

A Forgotten Coin

Last year I chronicled the sorting of the coin collection.  It turned out I had some rather interesting coins that I hadn’t noticed before.

Namely, one of the Prince Regent, or George IV, and even more exciting, one of Charles II.  Both of these coins are farthings.

I’ve recently been going through my Eleanor of Castile collection, and had completely forgotten that I have a coin much older than both of them, and this one I purchased myself.

It is…..Edward I!  He, of course being Eleanor’s husband.  I have tried to photograph it, though as it is in a protective pouch it is not the easiest.

Quite exciting for a Friday afternoon though!

Edward I coin

Thanks Sister Wendy!

I was fortunate enough, a few weeks ago to come across a book called 1000 Masterpieces by Sister Wendy Beckett.  It is a huge hardback book, full of information and of course, the 1000 paintings.  In fact, it is your own personal art gallery, and I have already had hours of fun thumbing through it.  Plus, I got it second hand for the princely sum of £1.50!

It reminded me that I had seen Sister Wendy (a nun) on TV many years ago talking about art in her own engaging style,  some of you may remember.  I feel I owe her for this, as it has really helped me learn more about historic art.

While I am on the subject, there are few exhibitions that I am currently interested in:

Who’s with me?

I have been lucky enough to pick up a copy of the guide to Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow recently also, I would like to get one for the National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh next.

Cool TV – Victorian Farm

I know I’m not the only one finding this BBC2 series really addictive.

Many reality type shows are just embarassing or plain dull, but this is a breath of fresh air being more of a documentary.  Plus you learn so many interesting things.  I feel almost tempted to try Victorian cooking, though I’m not volunteering to either kill, pluck or skin any animals thanks.

3 (2 men, 1 woman) historians and archaelogists have moved to a farm in Shropshire for a year to run and work in a Victorian Farm.  They literally had to restore a tumbledown cottage, set up all the equipment and furniture, restore or build barns and get all the animals – this is along with learning how to use the machinery, look after the animals and then actually doing it.

It’s well worth your time seeing it, episode 3 was on yesterday, but you can catch up on BBC iplayer.

Kitzbuehl Hahnenkamm Ski Race This Weekend

I used to love watching Ski Sunday on BBC2 as a child, though it’s not so good now (RIP David Vine).  I do try and watch the Hahnenkamm Ski Race every year.

I am still only a fan of the Austrian skiers though!  I’ve been up the mountain many times, and have seen it in the snow,  it’s very special to me in lots of ways.

The races will take place over the 23-25 January, and you can catch the coverage on Ski Sunday, funnily enough, this Sunday at 5pm.

You can visit the race official website here, and if you want to see a legend in action – check out a video I posted of Franz Klammer in 2007 from 1984.

Plus, I’ve come across footage from 1976, which is the race my parents watched Klammer win!

YouTube Preview Image

Go Team Austria!

A Memorial Lady

I bought this photograph from a flea-market at the same time as a bundle of World War I or Great War letters.  Along with a very battered Victorian Photograph Album that I bought some time ago from Ebay (I felt sorry for it) they have been lying in a cupboard waiting patiently for me to find an appropriate home for them.

The good news is, I contacted the Imperial War Museum, London at the end of last year, and they have offered the letters a permanent home in their collection.  I knew that I had to liberate them from the market, just not what I should do with them, so this is brilliant news.  I am now scanning them before I send them off.

The Victorian Album, however, is another project that is still waiting for me.  The Lady of the letters though, can now been seen by all.

In Memoriam 1892

Eleanor Redux

Some of the sharper eyed, or more regular visitors amongst you will have noticed that EleanorBlog has had an update and new look.

This year, it will have been going for 2 years, and I’ve just bought 2 more years with my domain, so here’s to a few more.

I have been working on some other major research projects elsewhere, so Eleanor has had to wait somewhat, but this year the main pages will at last be completed for those of you that are interested in Eleanor, or just fancy a look.  I will let you know when it’s done and add a link here.

In the meantime, if you spot anything strange or broken, please let me know!

For new visitors, here are a few posts that explain why this blog is so-called:

Let me know what you think so far, and thanks to all of you that have visited and commented since 2007.


I’m not normally a fan of adverts, I usually try to avoid them.  However, I keep seeing this one for an insurance company and I really love the Meerkats!

Here it is for you to check it out:

YouTube Preview Image


Apparently there really is a website too.

I love meerkats anyway, does anyone else watch Meerkat Manor and the like?