New Films: Alice in Wonderland

Sorry to all for the silence.  Life is super crazy at the moment, and I have some posts coming up in draft, updates and thoughts.  Plus, I have been tinkering slightly with the site to add some Eleanor stuff from my collection.  Will post soon…

In the meantime, the next film I am excited about is Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.  Click on the link to find the trailer.  (Damn these un-embeddable videos).

Anyone else interested in this one?  Apparently we still have to wait until March 2010 though, so don’t get too excited yet!

Eleanor’s Latest Awards

Eleanor and I have lately been given two lovely, shiny new awards!

Thank you to The Daily Reviewer (click on the link below for the site) for naming us as one of the top 100 genealogy blogs.  Thanks must also go to John who nominated us for the Zombie Chicken Award, and saying lovely things about the blog.

I will be posting some updates, and some important news over the next few days.  As usual, a big thank you to everyone who visits, reads and comments here.  Do say hello if you haven’t already.


New Films: Dorian Gray

I’ve been seeing a lot of adverts for new films coming up that I like the sound of lately, and this one crept up on me a little, so it gets included first.

Do you like the story of Dorian Gray?  I like the idea of seeing this one, but not sure as I have never been that fond of the book.

I do like a lot of Victorian literature though.

You can check out the trailer below.

YouTube Preview Image