Mmmm, Marcasite

I’ve loved Marcasite for years.  I think it must be because I saw people still wearing the sparkling brooches made of it when I was a child, and just maybe I saw pieces in the jumble (junk) sales I used to be drawn to then too.

I remember when I was very young owning 1920s and 1930s handbags, necklaces and earrings.  But, they were my dress-up, so I don’t have them now.  Just goes to show how your character and taste is fixed even at that young age.

Over many years I have been gifted and bought quite a few Marcasite pieces, I have a few necklaces and earrings, but mostly rings.  As I said in a previous post, the only vintage Marcasite I have is two rings that I bought fairly recently.

Below is a group shot of my Marcasite rings, then my 1920s Deco Marcasite ring, and lastly the Marcasite ring I bought a few weeks ago.  I think this one is 1930s.

Marcasite group



Mr Darcy Does Freestyle Disco

I’ve seen the following clip on a number of sites and have shared this with friends, but it’s just too hilarious not to post here as well.

It is Mr Darcy as you’ve never seen (or heard) him before by Mitchell and Webb.

YouTube Preview Image

Also fantastic, but slightly more risque is ‘You’ll see more action…’ by Armstrong and Miller.  It’s a bit saucy for the more fainthearted among you.  There are a series of these sketches, so try and see the others too.  Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

We’re Going Through Changes

Some of you already know that back in the Summer I decided to go back into studying.  In fact, I’ve been wanting to for quite some time.

Since September I have started at University on a part-time certificate course, which will take me up to May 2010 to complete.

At the moment I am studying Philosophy and History, and once I finish exams for these in January, I will then take two more subjects.  I am hoping to do well (I’m told I am at the moment!) and go on to study something else in September 2010, but one day at a time.

I know that you guys will be out there cheering me on, and as you have seen already I’m still here blogging when I can.  I’m also still doing lots of things as well as studying.  Still found at the castle, doing photography etc etc.

Sometimes there will be gaps when I post as I will probably be writing essays, but I’m still here and so is Eleanor.  In fact Eleanor and I are plotting a few updates on the site too, so watch this space…

Haddo’s Christmas Fair

It’s that time of the year again, and we made our annual visit to Haddo House’s Christmas Fair.  A chance to Christmas shop, or indeed, to treat yourself!

I made another quick trip to the new collectibles shop and bagged myself a Deco Marcasite ring, it’s fabulous!  I do love the way Marcasite sparkles in the right kind of light.  I think it’s more special than diamonds.  I have just one other vintage Deco ring, I’ll have to take some pictures of them.  I’m an absolute Marcasite addict I tell you.

It was a bit of a family reunion too.  I bumped into several castle work colleagues out for a look around, as well as having a good chin wag with some of the Haddo staff.  Also managed to sell several raffle tickets for them too!  You can take the girl out of the castle…

I also bagged an early Christmas present from the Mum, another bear by Sue Quinn (one of my favourite bear artists).  His name is Charley, and he’s actually a very clever puppet.  Along with this, I got another hedgehog for my collection.  This time it’s dressed is a warm duffel coat and scarf!  I like to think of the hedgehogs as an extension to having cats….maybe next year I’ll progress to a large sized one with an even more elaborate outfit!

If you’re intriguied by the hedgehogs and friends, you can check out Sue’s website.  She is now also blogging, so a good opportunity to see what she has been making lately.  Her designs are utterly gorgeous :smile:

Time for a walk around the park, photos and home.  A beautiful day at Haddo.