Afternoon at the Theatre

Famous last words I say!  I said I wanted to go to the theatre more often..

In January I was excited to go to the theatre to see Pride and Prejudice.  This month, for the Mum’s birthday (a belated present) we went to see The Sound of Music with Connie Fisher as Maria and Michael Praed as Captain Von Trapp.

We were on the balcony, and boy was it high!  We had a great time, it was a really enjoyable show, and all the actors were good.  Our favourite was the Mother Superior though, as her voice was just beautiful.

We even managed to leave with a singing goat…don’t ask.  If you manage to catch the tour, do, it’s really worth seeing.

Those of you that are long-time readers will remember our love-affair with Austria, and the fact that The Sound of Music is the Mum’s favourite film, hence the special treat.

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Vintage Trailer Time

I promised myself this after Nicola mentioned The Wicked Lady (1945) the other day.  The real Wicked Lady was actually from the same part of the world as I am, which makes it all the more interesting to me!

YouTube Preview Image

Do love the scary Margaret Lockwood, plus Patricia Roc and James Mason.  Does anyone else think that Michael Kitchen is a little like him?

While, we’re talking about wicked – what about The Man in Grey (1943)?  James Mason is absolutely terrifying in that film!  The end is really awful!  Again with Margaret Lockwood, Phyllis Calvert also love Stewart Granger – gorgeous voice.

YouTube Preview Image

No!!!  Argh!

Last but not least (for now anyway) in glorious technicolour, I could never resist a bit of swash and buckle…Scaramouche (1952) Stewart Granger and Eleanor Parker.

YouTube Preview Image

Ooooh, flame-haired wildcat indeed!  Truly the voiceover is dreadful.

Oh, go on then.  A favourite completely: The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934) Leslie Howard and Merle Oberon.

YouTube Preview Image

Repeat after me with your best RP, Vintage films are the best!


Sadly not for me, but for Claire’s postcard collection.

Yes, Claire decided to set them free around the world to different blog friends.  I was lucky enough to receive one, this lovely illustration by Beatrix Potter.

It’s well known that I love my rodents, but I think Claire’s trying to tell me something with this lizard…answers on a postcard what that is (arf).

P.S Claire – it was actually franked ‘Free’ advertising for something.  Thought that was very appropriate, and loved the doodle.  Say hi to the Willy family from me!  :mrgreen:

Award Thanks!

A quick post to thank John for two awards for this blog.  They are always much appreciated.  If you are on my blogroll, then of course you deserve to take the awards too.

I also like the way that John traces the origins of the awards.

Thanks again for the Sunshine and Beautiful Blogger Awards :smile: