Exam Doodle

Inspired by news of Claire’s The Doodologist I have created a special doodle.  This doodle displays exam stress as you’ve probably already noticed.  This marks my further slip into the wibbly wobbly world of insanity 😉  I blame Claire – of course.

Those of you that are scratching your heads in confusion, may – I repeat may – understand after viewing my previous doodles

New Castle Purchase?

Since I haven’t managed to set up my property empire yet with either Tillycairn or Midmar Castles, how about Blair Castle, Ayrshire instead?

Any takers?  It looks lovely inside…and it’s only 8 million.

Blair Castle, Ayrshire

Article about sale of Blair Castle

See posts – Anyone Want to Buy a Castle With Me?, How About This One Then? and Time For a New Castle, I Think for the previous castles for sale.

Virtual Tours

The National Trust for Scotland I discovered recently has been putting online some virtual tours of their properties.  The particular reason I noticed is that they did one for the view from the top of the tower at the castle.

They are well worth checking out and having a play with – personally I tend to make myself a bit dizzy spinning the camera views around!

Another great reason for viewing is if you wouldn’t otherwise be able to visit personally.

You can view them all here – Virtual Visits.  But my favourites are:

Castle Fraser

Craigievar Castle

Drum Castle

The House of Dun

I’m off to check out Falkland Palace next!  Have fun…

A Right Royal Post

This is not actually a post about the Royal Wedding (though I did enjoy the spectacle), but I thought I’d take a long overdue opportunity to introduce a ‘new’ vintage item of mine, the Coronation Tin:

I’ve had this one for a while, but just got around to photographing it!  Appropriate I thought in the circumstances…