A Breathless Update

Well it certainly will be…

What’s been happening around here?  Too much frankly.  I have now completed my exams, and am waiting to hear if I have passed them – fingers crossed for that one.

For Philosophy the exam involved writing two essays from the areas of Knowledge, Ethics and Religion, there being two choices from each, and the areas were roughly what we studied in sections throughout.  For History, we studied six different areas throughout the course, to name a couple, Scots in the British Empire and the American War of Independence.  The exam involved writing three essays from a choice of roughly the six areas.

I am now looking ahead to the next part of my course, which will involve me studying English Literature and Modern Art.

In English, I will be looking at the texts of King Lear, Pride and Prejudice, The Garden Party and Other Stories and The Glass Menagerie.  There will also be poetry (gasp) in the form of William Wordsworth and Seamus Heaney.  For Art, all I know at the moment is that is will be the period from 1820 to the present day, so sadly misses out a lot of the art that I like, however I will know more when the course books are sent out to me.

Work at the day job is speeding up, and ploughing on.  Even now a lot of thought and work is going on behind the scenes to ready the castle for the new season starting in April.  To that end, I will be going on another Collections Care course this year to learn more cool things.

Now I have a little time again before study part two begins, I am taking time out to have an early Spring clean – also handy as I will probably be too busy for it when Spring gets here!  I also have a few historic and photographic projects on the go.

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