A-Castle Hunting We Will Go!

It’s no secret here about my great love of castles. Well, never mind that, my great love of the majority of historic buildings!

When I’m not doing the day job, I’ll be researching something. It could be my family history, then again it could be an historic topic of the moment that intrigues me for whatever reason. Or, more probably at the moment it will be the Frasers of Castle Fraser. Hey, that’s not a bad thing.

My new trend, if you will, is to discover new castles. ‘New’ castles you say? Well, off the beaten track ones. Neglected or fairly unknown ruins, mutations or even suggestions of castles (i.e. isn’t that a wall? (Consulting map) well it says here it’s …… castle).

Oh, the pure joy of hiking across fields, hills, gates, barbed wire, etc. etc. in search of castles. We managed 5 this week! Roll on the next :mrgreen:

4 thoughts on “A-Castle Hunting We Will Go!

  1. That sounds really interesting. I really think I should do more things like this – if only I had a car to drive to these castles and houses that are out in the country. I will one day :smile:

  2. 5!

    What a cool pastime, i love going on an ‘explore’ Don’t forget to put up some pics for us to nose at 😀

    Hope the weather is better for you up there, ours is dreadful, if you look up you get rain in your eye, think its getting to me 😆


    • I certainly love doing it. Thankfully, I know other people who also do and take me with them! I may post some pics, haven’t decided which yet.

      Am also planning to write more about the places that I have visited over the years. Watch this space…

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