A Forgotten Coin

Last year I chronicled the sorting of the coin collection.  It turned out I had some rather interesting coins that I hadn’t noticed before.

Namely, one of the Prince Regent, or George IV, and even more exciting, one of Charles II.  Both of these coins are farthings.

I’ve recently been going through my Eleanor of Castile collection, and had completely forgotten that I have a coin much older than both of them, and this one I purchased myself.

It is…..Edward I!  He, of course being Eleanor’s husband.  I have tried to photograph it, though as it is in a protective pouch it is not the easiest.

Quite exciting for a Friday afternoon though!

Edward I coin

2 thoughts on “A Forgotten Coin

  1. What a cool thing to have, I loved seeing this! I am descended from Edward and Eleanor a couple of times, as are a lot of people, and love Eleanor so much that I named my NaNoWriMo heroine after her (now i just have to get back to that mess of a MS, ahem)

    • Thanks! It’s surprisingly easy to get things like this. I wanted to have something that would have been around in Eleanor’s time, so I got the coin. I think it only cost me about £10, as some more had been recently discovered.

      I can’t claim royalty in my genealogy though…

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