A French Fancy

Check out a new acquisition of mine, a Victorian – so I’m told – chocolate box from Paris.  Its picture is still really fresh, and it has its original lace around the edge too.  No chocolates in there I’m afraid…

It is from the chocolatiers Marquise de Sevigne, which is still going today.

A nice bonus also was the necklace that was inside it.  I think this needs re-stringing though, as I’d love to wear it, but I don’t dare at the moment.


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5 Responses to A French Fancy

  1. That is exquisite! Probably a good job there were no Victorian chocolates inside… A necklace is much better IMO!

  2. Hey.

    It’s pretty. Take a picture of the necklace if you have time.

  3. Ummm…. I just want to see it. I wasn’t saying I didn’t believe you.

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