A New Collection?

I’m a big fan of postcards.  Of course, it’s always nice to receive one when someone goes away on holiday, or to buy one of something that maybe you can’t photograph – but I don’t mean it especially like that.

I think vintage postcards are a great way (and very inexpensive) of collecting views of the past.  We all know there’s no secret about my quest with the past!

A new collection beginning in my house is that of vintage postcards of the historic properties that I have visited.  I like to photograph them myself anyway, so I am now looking to match them with interesting postcard views, normally dating from around the Edwardian period.

My friend Elinor has very kindly purchased some to get the collection started, but below is one I found of Glamis Castle.  I visited Glamis when I was 17, which is a veeeeery long time ago.  Must go back there soon…

5 thoughts on “A New Collection?

  1. What a great idea Alison. To be able to show the “before and after” of something would be very interesting to see. I look forward to your follow-up posts. :)

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