A Quick Castle Update

Hmm, so what’s been happening now we’ve been open for 2 months?

Our Shop and Cafe are both open at 11am, 1 hour before the Castle opens.  This seems to be popular, and I’ve met many visitors using these facilities on my way in.  Lots of lovely people using the gardens, and picnicking in the hot weather we’ve had for the last few days.

There’s more happening with the Cafe soon, so watch this space.  We also have the Steam and Vintage Fair coming up on the 20/21 June, which I’m looking forward to.  Always a brilliant event.

Lots of research and work behind the scenes happening as usual.  I’ve recently been in touch with 2 Art Museums in the USA which hold paintings either connected to, or which originally belonged to the Castle.  We’re also currently in the process of re-displaying the artifacts in Major Smiley’s Room, which is the room at the top of the Round Tower.  I can’t wait to see all the new stuff.  That and we’ve generously been given a new flag to use on our flag pole too.

The Teddy Bear Orphanage has had unprecedented interest, so much so, that I’m regularly appealing for more ‘orphans’!  I’m hoping to do a children’s quiz/raffle type thing very soon with a particularly nice donation.  We’re creating new things for children to do as we speak, in addition to our regular monthly Castle Quiz.

Good news for any of you that have been looking for our second hand books too, as they’re now back in the shop – available for the princely sum of 50p each.   Don’t forget to drop your old novels off to us when you’ve finished with them.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now, I’m sure I’ll be seeing at least one of you soon, what with weddings, events and Summer visitors!  Don’t forget that until the 1st July we’re open Thursday-Sunday 12-5.  Come and say hello!

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