A Very Quick Update, and Shout Out to Clann an Drumma!

Hello, I will do a longer post soon, but just wanted to say the Battle of Harlaw and Medieval Festival went well, despite Saturday’s awful weather.  The sun even came out yesterday :shock:

We had a medieval camp, fighting soldiers, cannons (yes, I did hit the Dining Room ceiling at least 4 times) and the fantastic Clann an Drumma.  They were especially brilliant, and I am now dancing around my house to their CD.

Go, listen, enjoy.

Oh, and by the way I’ve just found a video of them from earlier in the year, volume up!

I have to say, were the audience dead in that clip?  There was much whooping, cheering and clapping when they played yesterday…and dancing.  Though not by me (dancing that is).


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5 Responses to A Very Quick Update, and Shout Out to Clann an Drumma!

  1. OK, call me goofy (you do anyway, no doubt) but I love this kind of music. I love the drum beat especially, maybe because it brings out something primal in me (scary thought), but seeing this video just takes me back in time. I don’t know why no one was cheering and dancing either. I would have been too!

  2. That was really cool!! Contrary to the opinions of my forebears, I must have some Celtic blood in me ‘cuz music like that rings deep in the heart.

  3. I am a rabid fan of the Clann (and Albannach now too). We have a lot of their music on Celtic Radio if you’re a fan of streaming radio stations. :)

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