A Victorian Brooch Collective

I wanted to update everyone on my Victorian brooch collection, as I’m preparing a post about a ‘new’ item I’ve just acquired which is linked with these.

To recap – I started collecting name brooches after I fell in love with a little silver one ‘Edith’.  I’ve added to the collection from time to time, usually only when I spot one I particularly like.

So, to start there is:

All the Ladies



The New Girls



So Many Brooches, So Little Time

This is when I branched out into other Victorian brooches that I liked, not just names.  Also included:


Contrary Mary

This is the most recent name brooch I found, and has an interesting story!


Stay tuned for the sequel, more jewellery to come.

9 thoughts on “A Victorian Brooch Collective

  1. Cool stuff. And I am still trying to think where you blogged or twittered about swords. I know it wasn’t from last year at that festival. So you are saying FOR SURE you haven’t been in any sword fights lately? I see.

  2. I find the names fascinating. I know names go in and out of fashion, but these, apart from a few, you just never hear nowadays. I wonder if Agnes or Maud will have their time again?

  3. Lovely to see that you are collecting the Victorian name brooches. They were made in silver, gold, gold on silver, mother of pearl, carved Whitby jet, Ivory, base metals, rolled gold and silver wires and also in early plastics like celluloid, bakelite, casein and lucite. There are name brooches from many later eras too. I have only two name brooches in my much larger collection of Lucite jewellery from the late 1930s – 1950s – mine are simply ‘Mother’ and ‘Doris’. I do however, sell Victorian and later name brooches and pins – including the Mother, Baby and Mispah Variety. There is a selection on my website: wwwbagthejewels.co.uk.

  4. Well, if you ever ever come across a charlotte would you let me know as i have never found one and have been looking for about 40 years! I have looked into it and aparently there are only 11 out there with the name charlotte! I would even be happy with lottie if that was found! I do so love them and all my friends joke at me about how i am – I am known as the queen of pottering! many thanks and wish you luckj with your collection. XX

    • Hello Charlotte. I confess I don’t recall seeing one in your name (join the club!), but I think I have seen Lottie before – so keep looking!

      I haven’t bought any brooches for a while now, feel like I need to update the collection…

      • Hey,
        I’m not certain if it is, but I have one named Charlotte, silver which looks victorian design, I would need to get it checked. Only 11? does this mean its worth lots?

        • Hi Emma,
          I have just seen your note on the website about you having a Charlotte named silver brooch. If so and you still have it for sale, please do contact me. I am looking for one for my daughter and would be interested to buy. Many thanks.
          Steve (UK).

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