A View From the Past

In more ways than one!  This postcard belonged to a friend of my family.  She lived next door to us in a house that was practically new when she moved in, in 1911 or thereabouts.

This postcard is particularly special, as the shop called H.F. Blackwell was her father’s who died during the Great War.  The town is not far from where we lived.

I was lucky enough to inherit a number of special things like this when she died.

View From the Past

2 thoughts on “A View From the Past

  1. Awesome picture/post card. What a neat momento also. I love old photo’s anyway, they have such character and tell us so much about time before our time.

    Just trying to catch up a bit in returning comments from my travel blog. I’ve gotten behind due to all the time at the hospital when my Mom was so ill, prior to her recent death.

    Family, and items from those dear to us are important. Hang onto your postcard.


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