A Walk By the River

On Thursday we ended up in Huntly, which is quite a large town not too far from where we live. For me, it has the particular distinction of Huntly Castle. I’ve pictured the ruins here before.

We had a wander past the castle with some ice-cream, very civilized I tell you, then found ourselves in the parkland. It was such a hot day we stopped by the river for a paddle.

It was such a hot day, which is fairly unusual here as you get the sea breezes, that I documented our walk, which ended up right the way down the river. Watch out for swimming dogs (when river walking that is)!

All images copyright 2008 Alison Lodge

7 thoughts on “A Walk By the River

  1. Lovely! Send just a little bit of that warmth here, will ya? It is 52 degrees here right now. 😕 Everywhere else seems to be hot. Um, just one comment on those pictures. The flowers in the lower left corner…is that Scotchbroom? If it is, it has become a real noxious weed here in western WA. Terrible for our allergies. Does it affect anyone there like that ❓

  2. Beautiful pictures, Alison! We’ve been boiling here too, but it started raining hard about 20 minutes ago and having all the windows and doors open makes it just about managable.

  3. Your walks are always so invaluable. You are so blessed. Thx so much for sharing. I’m back from a 3-day motorcycle trip to Long Beach. Not something I’ve ever done, but what a great treat it was to give to charity in such a way. It was really hot in the desert too, I tell ya! Have a grand week, my friend.

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