About Me

Hello, I’m Alison – welcome to my blog.  I’m interested in lots of things which you’ll read about here – like history, art, architecture, books, films,  and music.  You will also read about my interest in Eleanor.

I currently live in Scotland.  I have a regular day job, I am also a guide at a local castle plus I am studying History of Art at University.  The rest of the time I squeeze in being an an aspiring writer, photographer and very part time genealogist.

As an aspiring writer and avid reader I also like to host other writer’s work.  Please see my reviews page for more information if you would like a book reviewed by me.

Eleanor is Eleanor of Castile, medieval queen and wife of King Edward I of England – the reason I started this blog.  Eventually I hope to have a separate site for information about her and her family that I have collected over many years.

Do stay a while, have a read and leave a comment if you’re so inclined – but please do not use my content and especially my photographs without my permission.   If you would like to contact me directly, please use the contact form below or click on my email address in the side bar.

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