Book Reviews

I am happy to accept books for review on this blog.  However, please do contact me first by using the contact form in the About Me section or the email address in the sidebar to discuss.

I will only agree to review a book if I think that it is something that I would normally read or be interested in, and believe that my readers would also be interested in reading about.  I only ask for a review copy of the book.

I also happily interview and feature my lovely writer friends.

Please note that I do not accept or place advertisements on this blog, and will not respond to any requests for them.  Any emails or messages about these will be eaten by my pet dragon Francis – you have been warned!

2 Responses to Book Reviews

  1. Hi Alison,

    Would you consider reviewing my new book, “The Hammock: A novel based on the true story of French painter James Tissot”? There is a brief summary of it at the “About the Book” tab on my WordPress blog,

    The book (about 295 pages) is available for Kindle e-readers, and if you do not own a Kindle, offers free Kindle reading apps for PCs, tablets and Smartphones (this info is included under the “Order Now” tab on my WordPress blog).

    There are two reviews to date on (U.S.) that you can read:

    The book will be offered free in a promotional offer soon. I hope this may be something that would interest you and your readers!

    Lucy Paquette

  2. Hi Lucy,

    I have taken a quick look, and yes it does sound very interesting and I’m sure I could review it here. Just drop me an email when it is available and I can read and review as soon as.

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