Alexander Mackenzie Fraser

I just stumbled upon a video about Lt. General Alexander Mackenzie Fraser, who was the father of Colonel Charles, who I’ve spoken about several times here.

Alexander is a famous military hero, who sadly died before his time.  A quick warning about the video, as it’s nice to see him honoured, there are a few errors and omissions which I’ll correct here.  Please also note that some photographs do not relate to Castle Fraser.  I suspect that these images are more about the Fraser clan in general, i.e the Lovat branch.

  • I’m not sure where the first ruined castle is (anyone want to email me about it?!)
  • The book cover image is of Craigievar Castle (which did not belong to Frasers)
  • The brother in law of Alexander was Francis Humberstone Mackenzie, the Earl of Seaforth
  • He actually died of Walcheren fever, which is a type of Typhoid
  • He was certainly very well though of, there is a letter from Wellington himself in the Castle Fraser Collection
  • The sepia toned photos appear to be from an old copy of the castle guide.  The first is of the Worked Room (if you squint you can see Miss Elyza Fraser’s portrait on the wall) the second is of the Dining Room
  • Alexander’s portrait does indeed still hang in the Great Hall, though it is not the original
  • Don’t know which cathedral?? that is
  • Sir Vicary Gibbs was actually another relation and he went on to look after Alexander’s orphaned children after his death
  • Don’t know the location with the highland cows either
  • The next one I suspect is another Fraser family seat, again the sword/gun display I suspect is to do with other Frasers.

All in all, it was nice to see another engraving of Alexander and his signature though.  Oh, and repeat after me: “Castle Fraser, not Fraser Castle.”  No, I don’t know why it is that way round.  It wasn’t the castle’s original name.

A little addendum: I see you, yes you, the person who keeps stealing little bits about the castle from my posts.  I know you’re doing it, so stop it now.

5 thoughts on “Alexander Mackenzie Fraser

  1. The first ruined castle is Kilchurn, a Campbell castle on Loch Awe.
    The cathedral is almost certainly an abbey, and is probably Melrose.
    The castle with the Highland cows is Duart on the Isle of Mull.
    The next one is Balmoral.
    The display of muskets could be any of a number of big castles, such as Balmoral, Blair Atholl etc.

    • Hi Elinor! I don’t know, but I’m on the lookout for it…I think it might be part of a military book.

      Thanks for the update Richard, as I’ve never been to those places, that would be why I don’t know them!!

  2. Hi

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed this video. He was my Great, Great, Great, Grandfather and I am enjoying finding out history on my family, as we had very little facts because the three greats died at an eary age. I am related to his son Frederick Alexander Mackenzie Fraser.

    • Hello Linda, lovely to hear from you! As you are probably aware I work for Castle Fraser, and look after the genealogy of these Frasers too amongst other things…

      Could you please email me? I’d love to chat more about this.

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