All Together Now!

After my recent Austria related  post, the Mum and I decided to curl up with a chocolate egg or three and The Sound of Music DVD.  You can blame her for this – she saw the film three times in London when it came out, and we’ve watched it on high days and holidays ever since.

Not that I particularly mind that is – a chance to drool over Austrian scenery and a good sing-along?

It got me thinking though.  I knew that the film was only very loosely based on the life of Maria von Trapp, and a lot of the details had been changed.  I did a little more reading recently, and discovered the following family information (which I have abbreviated):

Georg Ludwig von Trapp (1880-1947) first married Agathe Whitehead (who was of English descent) in 1911.

Georg’s parents are August von Trapp and Hedwig Wepler.

Georg and Agathe had 7 children together, they are –

Rupert von Trapp (1911-1992) m in 1947, 2 sons, 4 daughters, later divorced and m for a second time.

Agathe von Trapp (1913+)

Maria von Trapp (1914+)

Werner von Trapp (1915-2007) m in 1948, 4 sons, 2 daughters.

Hedwig von Trapp (1917-1972)

Johanna von Trapp (1919-1994) m in 1948, 3 sons, 4 daughters.

Martina von Trapp (1921-1951) m in 1949, stillborn daughter.

Georg’s wife Agathe died in 1922 of Scarlet fever.

Maria Augusta Kutschera (1905-1987) came to the von Trapp household in 1926 to tutor the second oldest daughter Maria, who was still recovering from the Scarlet fever which killed her mother.

Maria and Georg married in 1927, it was – for want of a better term – a marriage of convenience as Maria loved the children, and Georg wanted a mother for them.  The pair grew very fond of each other, however.

Maria and Georg went on to have the following children:

Rosmarie von Trapp (1929+)

Eleonore von Trapp (1931+) m  in 1954, 7 daughters.

Johannes von Trapp (1939+) m  in 1969, 1 son, 1 daughter.

(NB, I do have the names from the children’s marriages, but have chosen not to disclose them, as many are still living.)

The family left Austria to tour, later settling in the USA, where Johannes von Trapp still runs the family resort in Vermont.  You can visit their website here.  Has anyone ever stayed there, it looks lovely and I’m curious!

There are also some interesting books out there, some by Maria and Georg themselves, plus there is a really interesting article about The Real Story of the von Trapp Family, complete with photographs from their Declaration of Intentions in 1944 from the National Archives, USA.

Some of you however, may just like to take a trip down memory lane, and enjoy bits of the film again.  Here is the original trailer, enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

6 thoughts on “All Together Now!

    • It is a lovely story and film regardless.

      Glad you like it Andrea. I didn’t put the full names, but yes you are quite right. I didn’t have Agathe’s date of birth either, so thanks for that.

  1. It’s a lovely story – with and without the Hollywood touch.
    I never knew they emigrated – and what a great life they seem to have made for themselves!

  2. It’s so great. I like informations about the real Trapp Family. Thank you for this blog.

    Maria (daughter) is also known as Maria Franziska, to difference from her stepmother Maria Augusta.

    Agathe Whithead was born on the 14 June 1891 and died on the 3 September 1922.

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