And It’s Goodbye From Me, Entrecarders

Attention Entrecard friends: due to the recent advertising changes, I believe that EC is no longer the place for me.  I simply used the service to find other blogs, and have ‘met’ and read many nice people and blogs in my year there.

Since the announcement to change the advertising system so that paid outside ads take precedence, and the fact that I would have to pay credits every time I refused one, I feel that I would not have appropriate control over what could be displayed on my blog.

Therefore, I am currently buying up ads for my final week, and will not be accepting any further ads here after today.  Thank you to everyone who has dropped and commented via this system – I really hope the bloggers that I’ve met will continue to visit, as I will continue to visit them regardless of this change.

Important update: it is good news that the payment for refusing the paid outside ads idea has now been revoked, and users will not be penalised.  I have decided to stand by my decision to leave however, as I have been thinking for some time that my useage of EC was coming to a natural end.  I will still be visiting those blogs that I have found though!

10 thoughts on “And It’s Goodbye From Me, Entrecarders

  1. I wish I understood the changes, read about them twice last night before going to bed and am thinking it over this am over coffee and I just don’t understand. I read where you would need to pay to refuse an ad. For some reason this week 2 people have refused my ad, though I have no idea why. Nothing on my site is nasty, some sites are not what I want in terms of sexy jazz. I was just beginning to fee like I knew what I was doing with regard to EC, but not am very confused and understand your reluctance to continue. I wish you the best of luck with your blogging and I’m glad we had a chance to met briefly here through EC.

    Please swing by for a visit, and if you want a little diversion I have a mini travel blog with no EC widget in need of visitors

  2. I’m hanging on for a little, because they so often change their minds or let things slide. I really don’t want paid ads on my blog if I effectively have no control over them.

  3. If it goes the way they say it will then I will leave as well! I do not wish to be forced to have paid ads or have to pay credits not to have them, sounds ridiculous 😡

    I blogged about it this morning.

  4. I will stay with them for a while, just to see how it all falls out. I really don’t think they have thought it all through, even though they say they have. I’m one of the lucky people you bought EC ads from, and I thank you. I know how to find your blog, no matter if you are on EC or not. :) We all still can have each other in Google reader, or some other way. I’ve had some ads refused this week too, one because mine wasn’t relevant to theirs. I always think that’s dumb since mine is so benign (iPentimento is anyway), but whatever. Some people are already bailing out and that was the other refusal. Nothing is static on the Net anyway.

  5. What got me was the being charged for refusing the ad. That’s just not fair at all. It’s very time consuming and when I heard the new rules I said what better them then now to leave.

    Good luck to you. I’m sure that those of us that leave will find other avenues to explore. :)

  6. Hi Alison – I am probably going to hang on for a bit and see what happens…as Sheila says, they so often change their minds at EC, so who knows? But if things go as they say, I am out of there too. I will definitely be keeping up with you though! :)

  7. Give CMFAds a try, it is very transparent. You can either wait and gain credits by offering ad space, or use a little seed money. And the service over there is outstanding!

    You can get started here: (if you don’t want to use me as a referral you can cut off the last bit, I’m not really fishing for referrals, I just really enjoy the service!)

  8. I did hang on for a while, and they have changed their minds. However I’ve now decided to leave. I read the forum and blog last night and was horrified at the way Entrecard (presumably Graham) responded to people who didn’t agree with the way things are going. He sounded like a petulant 6 year old. I don’t want paid ads on my blog, full stop. They refuse to allow a blanket rejection and won’t say how you can reject paid ads individually. I’m out.

    • Thanks for you comments everyone, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. As you will see, by tomorrow I’ll have finished with it, and as you say Sheila, I shall truly be glad after some really awful remarks I’ve seen on the EC forums.

      Bitterness? I don’t think I’ve been rude here, simply calmly made an announcement so that people would know I wasn’t going to take any more ads. It just goes to show really, the masks are now coming off.

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