Angelic Interlude

I heard this song for the first time tonight, and thought it was beautiful.  I’m always a fan of singers with beautiful clear voices anyway.

This is Sarah McLachlan singing In the Arms of An Angel.  Apparently it was used in the film City of Angels also – which explains this particular clip!

3 thoughts on “Angelic Interlude

  1. LOVE Sarah McLachlan’s songs! Now I want to see the movie…but will probably have to wait until I’m either bullet-proof or needing to cry, KWIM? :roll:

  2. Sarah McLachlan’s songs are gorgeous and highly recommende, she hails from Canada and share a similar style of singing with her lovely voice as Enya.. If you haven’t heard too many songs of hers yet, try and get a hold of Mirrorball one of her best albums.


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