Angelic Interlude

I heard this song for the first time tonight, and thought it was beautiful.  I’m always a fan of singers with beautiful clear voices anyway.

This is Sarah McLachlan singing In the Arms of An Angel.  Apparently it was used in the film City of Angels also – which explains this particular clip!


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3 Responses to Angelic Interlude

  1. LOVE Sarah McLachlan’s songs! Now I want to see the movie…but will probably have to wait until I’m either bullet-proof or needing to cry, KWIM? :roll:

  2. This is the first time you’ve heard this song?!? Oh WOW! You will cry your eyes out! Better have tissues!! Good luck! xoxox

  3. Sage

    Sarah McLachlan’s songs are gorgeous and highly recommende, she hails from Canada and share a similar style of singing with her lovely voice as Enya.. If you haven’t heard too many songs of hers yet, try and get a hold of Mirrorball one of her best albums.


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