Anyone Want to Buy a Castle With Me?

A local(ish) castle called Tillycairn is currently up for sale for offers over £825,000.

Anyone want to buy it with me? :lol:

You can see the castle here.  I wants it I do…it’s a bargain!


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16 Responses to Anyone Want to Buy a Castle With Me?

  1. I wish with all my heart that I could!

  2. The landscaping is disappointing, but I would gladly smash my piggy bank for the place. I think I have enough to buy a window!

  3. Elinor Vickers

    Its so my dream to live in a castle but I don’t even do the lottery…….what a lovely place.
    Apparently a wing of Cluny castle is available to rent might be cheaper….

  4. Elinor Vickers

    Project……a do-er-upper for the energetic

  5. Oh it would be so exiting to live somewhere like that, it might even be haunted! :wink:

  6. Six numbers in the lottery and I would feel a purchase coming on!

  7. I have always thought I should be living in a castle…with my luck the dungeon though. :lol: I tell you what, if I had the mega millions you and I would be castle owners.

  8. Its just not fair is it?

  9. Maybe we could all get together and buy it! I’ll purchase the nails…apparently it still needs lots of work doing on it.

    The Cluny flat looks ace, but I don’t fancy that fixer upper, I’m not that energetic :shock:

    I saw a castle for sale in Austria once. Now there’s a match made in heaven :grin:

  10. If you get one hundred people interested call me (well, email then!). I’ll definitely join in and I’ll happily come over to do some work (by “I”, I mean “he” and/or “we”)

    Seriously. I’ll be name number 2 – I’m assuming Alison is Number 1?

  11. Kai

    Wow – it’s gorgeous! I had to peek at all the pics – love the open fireplace in the bedroom!

  12. I’d love to! So are you joining us Kai? :wink:

  13. stephanie

    hellooooo did you get your castle???

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