Argh! and Hello

Well, some of you might have guessed that I have been away on holiday for the last few weeks, though I did attempt to leave some timed posts.  I say attempt, because:

I updated some files on my computer the day before I went on holiday and then it refused to allow me to use the internet.  As I didn’t have any more time I had to leave it and hope that re-starting it when I came back would sort it out.  But no, it didn’t so I finally fixed the damn thing today.

I have some posts to write and over 300 pictures to sort through from my trip, so hope to have some more interesting stuff up soon.  Will also be replying to emails and comments.  I must also apologise to anyone who dropped an Entrecard or asked for an advert recently, as it was part of my plan to leave a message to say I was offline for a couple of weeks.  I have approved them all now, so sorry for the delay.

So, how are you all?  Did I miss anything (apart from Doodle Week)?


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7 Responses to Argh! and Hello

  1. Ooooo did you get caught in the Windows update that broke the interwebs, too ? lol :wink:

  2. A.

    Well yes, you certainly have some catching up to do on Britishspeak and the pub! Welcome back :)

  3. Argh, indeed, i tried to leave you a have a good holiday message before you went, but mine went all pear shaped too, hope yours is behaving itself now.

    Good holiday? Look forward to seeing the pics :grin:


  4. Apparently it wasn’t windows, though I have my doubts…I’ve been over to britishspeak for my welcome :grin:

    I know how you feel Kathryn – yes thanks, will let you know…

    I thought you couldn’t take any :roll:

  5. A belated wb Alison. I,m just back from Ireland myself (over1,000 photos taken although half have already been deleted!)

  6. Thanks Jams, wow that’s a huge amount of pics! I will have to pop over…

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