Back in Business

Wow, it’s that time of the year again – and the castle re-opened on the 1 April for the 2010 season.  I can’t believe that it has come around again already!  The Winter has been very long, and the castle unfortunately suffered its fair share of snow and associated leaks.

We had a pleasantly busy Easter with lots of egg hunters inside and outside the castle.  Here are the updates/changes for this year:

  • We have a new Great Hall carpet, the money for which was kindly donated.  It looks fabulous and has a lovely bouncy underlay!
  • We received new blinds to replace broken ones, and for rooms that had never previously had them.  Existing ones that could be fixed, were also.
  • The old film on the windows has now been replaced after many years with fresh UV film to stop nasty light coming in to spoil the collection.
  • Furniture has been put back to original positions in some of the rooms to improve visitor experience.
  • More items are again on display after repair etc.
  • We have also been updating information for visitors.
  • The Dining Room ceiling has finally been fixed, yay!
  • We have more heating, also donated – extra yay here from experience :mrgreen:
  • We have some new stuff in the shop along with old favourites
  • The castle restaurant is doing really well, phone to book.

That’s all I can remember for now!

In my research world, I was fortunate after three years of searching to finally find a living Fraser of the line.  We had previously thought that the line had died out, but it turns out the younger brother’s line is alive and well!  I have been happily updating records for this.

My next project is for the estate, and I am currently documenting all that I can find about the castle estate workers and house servants.  This will be really useful for enquiries, and give us a much better bigger picture of how the house the castle and estate were run.

Don’t forget to visit us!  I will post any event news as soon as I have it.

6 thoughts on “Back in Business

  1. Don’t mean to be rude but you may want to;

    a. Name the castle.
    b. Say where it is.
    c. Give a link to the castle’s website.

    May help casual readers narrow down where you’re talking about 😈

    • I’m sure casual readers may ask if they wonder. The majority know where this is, and it would be painful to constantly remind them, not to mention boring!

  2. Yay! for all the exciting new developments, Alison! It must have been amazing to discover a living Fraser of the line. And your latest project about the servants and estate workers sounds fascinating. I’ve done some work on this at Ashdown and it has helped us build up a really good picture of what life was like for the servants in the Victorian/Edwardian period and has been very useful for enquiries since most of genealogical stuff has been from people with connections to the servants rather than the family.

    • It was a bit of a shock, even though I suspected there must be some descendants. Yes, the servants and estate workers research is going to be really useful I think, and we do receive a number of enquiries about them. All good for the bigger picture!

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