Bletchley Park

Some of you will already of heard of Bletchley.

  • World War II
  • Codebreakers
  • Spies

Some simply because the Victorian house is amazing also.

Or maybe even because you saw the film Enigma, and wanted to know more about the codebreakers.

Truth is, Bletchley needs our help.  It is a charity and relies on donations to keep going.  Not only that you can help by visiting and perhaps even volunteering for them.

Why not get behind Bletchley today?

You can visit the Bletchley Park website, and also follow them on Twitter @bletchleypark


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2 Responses to Bletchley Park

  1. I’ve been meaning to visit Bletchley for about 5 years but haven’t got round to it. I’ve not really got a good excuse, it’s only about 2 hours away from here. The history of computers and codebreaking is fascinating.

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