Book Review: How to Seduce a Sheikh by Marguerite Kaye

How to Seduce a Sheikh

I was given an advance copy of this book in return for an honest review.

I do have a soft spot for Sheikh stories, and I do love ones set during the Regency – this one is set in 1801.

The hero and Sheikh in question Zafar finds a French woman in a slave market, and not really knowing why buys her. Colette, our heroine is initially frightened and angry (and no wonder!).

A widow, still Colette doesn’t have much experience of the world aside from that of being the daughter and then wife of soldiers in the French army. Zafar himself is also not untouched by tragedy.

The ‘seduction’ of the title grows from the friendship and closeness that develops between Zafar and Colette. Colette feels she can trust Zafar to further their attraction into a full sexual relationship, despite knowing that Zafar intends to ‘free’ her and send her home.

Colette is feisty, and grows even in this short story. Zafar, for me, is one of the sweetest heroes I have read, especially as Sheikhs are normally portrayed as relatively fierce for obvious reasons. His instinct to protect people is strong from the beginning – and he shows he is particularly caring without being soppy!

I enjoyed this quick read very much.

A copy of this review can also be found on my Goodreads page.  I must say, when preparing a version of this for my blog I’ve realised just how much I loved Zafar since every other word is his name, lol!

A quick question for anyone reading this review – do you read M&B Undones, or have you read one or any?  I’m curious how popular this market is in Historical.  Thanks!

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