Book Review: Loving Lord Ash by Sally Mackenzie

Loving Lord Ash by Sally MackenzieI received a copy of this book in return for an honest review via Netgalley.

I’d not heard of this author until recently, and then heard good things so volunteered to read this new book. It being part of a series did not spoil my read, as other characters were mentioned in such a way it was easy to keep up.

I’ve given the book 3 stars, and at a pinch I might say 3 1/2. Why? Because I just didn’t care about the hero and heroine – and that’s really important to me. Lord Ash and his wife Jess I just didn’t believe really cared for one another at all – which perhaps makes it all the easier to believe their 8 year estrangement!

So what I did like: interesting beginning – a couple that are not a couple – other characters that are equally interesting like Roger and Dennis – but didn’t steal the limelight away.  There was an interesting element of bawdiness too. My jury’s still slightly out on that. Loved the warm relationship between Ash’s parents and the understanding of the love of pets.  Great open mindedness about the different types of love and relationships too.

But again, though I understood the difference in Ash and Jess’ stations in life, it still came across as quite absurd, especially the much contested virginity issue between the two – which did take right until the end of the book to be resolved and there wasn’t enough tension there for me to really care if they made their marriage work or not.  Percy the villain frankly was a bit strange and not terribly villainous imo if you had to believe that he had the power to destroy relationships.

It was a shame as I began to feel a little bored at the end, it had just been played out a bit too long and I lost interest.  I certainly wouldn’t rule out trying the author’s other stories however.

This book will be available from Zebra on the 4 March 2014 in both ebook and print format.

A copy of this review can also be found on my Goodreads page.

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