Book Review: A Sinful Regency Christmas Anthology

Sinful-Regency-Christmas-191x300I was given a copy of this book on condition that I write an honest review.

This is obviously – given its title – a collection of Christmas novellas set in the Regency period. There are a total of five stories contained in this book. I should also point out that all of the stories have previously been available as Historical Undone! ebooks. *Spoilers ahead*

Story 1: One Wicked Christmas by Amanda McCabe
I really enjoyed this story, as it was a well written, sexy tale and suited the novella format. I also warmed to the hero and heroine and their story was also rather sweet, but not saccharine.
It has as its heroine Lady Cassandra Osborne, a widow who is secretly in love with the hero, Sir Ian Chandler a friend of her late husband. Daringly attending the wicked Christmas house party of one of her friends Cassie finally has the chance to act upon those feelings and seduce Ian.

Story 2: Virgin Unwrapped by Christine Merrill
I normally really enjoy Christine’s stories, but I’m afraid I found this story very disjointed and didn’t like either the hero or heroine and wasn’t bothered if they ended up together. It didn’t really have a Christmas feel, or a Regency one for that matter for me.

The heroine is the rather oddly puritanical figure of Anne Clairemont and the hero Robert Breton, a figure I felt we didn’t really get to know. Anne is engaged to be married to save her family fortunes, and Robert is a temptation who finds it incredibly easy to seduce her out of it.

Story 3: An Illicit Indiscretion by Bronwyn Scott
Another rather sweet story that I enjoyed, featuring the heir to an Earldom and a young lady who both feel that they will need to marry for duty, but have rather a surprising meeting when the young lady escapes from a window from the house he is visiting and they go on an adventure together.

The heroine is Elisabeth Becket and the hero Dashiell Steen. I particularly loved the fact that the heroine had such unusual interests, and the hero helped her pursue them.

Story 4: A Rake for Christmas by Ann Lethbridge
This is a very sensual story, but amusing and poignant too, which is a great mix.

The slighty scandalous Lady Eugenie Hardwick’s neighbour, a rake, Lord Richard Townsend is driving her crazy with the sounds of passion she can hear through the wall of their rented accommodation!

Story 5: Spellbound and Seduced by Marguerite Kaye
I really enjoyed this tale, as it was particularly intimate and magical as the hero and heroine are isolated throughout most of the story in a very snowy Scotland in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. It is quite different from the others also, as the heroine is a witch, and believes that she is cursed for her husband to die, and is scared to love anyone. The hero knows nothing of this, but has come to claim the castle that is connected to the terrible curse on the heroine’s family from centuries ago.

Jura Mcnair is also a rather different heroine as she is not a titled lady, but a healer of sorts. The hero, Lawrence Connaught is looking to make a change in his life after growing tired of the life he has been leading in London.

I really enjoyed this collection and felt that even though there were five stories contained in the book, they were still long enough to be satisfying. Please note that all the stories have a high level of sensuality/sensual scenes.

At the time that I read this I also read Gift-Wrapped Governesses, and if I had to chose only one from the two, I would definitely chose this book.

This review is also available on my Goodreads page.

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