Bored With the Snow Now

Well, what can I say?  If I had wanted to go out and do something nice this weekend there was no way it could have happened.  On Good Friday we had howling gales and snow, the latter which settled overnight into Saturday which any of my regular readers will know forced the castle to close for the day.

Easter Sunday had more snow settle overnight, but thankfully though it snowed and hailed all day, we were able to open the castle for the Easter event, taking the hunt inside the castle.  We had a great and loyal turnout – thank you to all of you that came on Sunday – I hope you had a great time.

It was a pleasantly busy day (though cold in the Library even with heaters – note to any aspiring castle guides – always wear at least 2 jumpers in the winter and consider ski socks and gloves) unfortunately I was too busy and cold for that matter to take any photos – sorry!  It has continued to chuck down snow all today as well, so I imagine it was much the same at the castle, though I had to work at my day job and wasn’t there.

Hoping to go out with my camera and have other historical things to do at the end of the week, so keep your fingers crossed for me.  It’s come to something that I’m hoping it rains…off to bed to warm up now with good book!

10 thoughts on “Bored With the Snow Now

  1. As a guy who grew up in the tropics of florida and Australia, I had a big shock when I relocated to Northern Japan 9 years ago. Snow is such a nightmare! It is pretty when it falls and everything is white, it’s late at night and you just see it illuminate everything under the moonlight or ambient city light, but then you have to go to work in the morning scrape 40cms off the car, freeze your arse off waiting for the car to warm up and melt the ice on the windshield then deal with all the people who can’t drive to well in it! So this year I said to hell with it and took 2 months vacation in Sunny Summer Queensland Australia! It was awesome!

  2. We’ve had snow all Easter as well – it’s still here… Easter Sunday, we had a whooping 17 C below zero in the morning, but we’ve had some lovely sunshine on the blasted white stuff, so I guess we should count ourselves lucky…

  3. Brrrrrr…. better you than me! I like snow in very small doses and fortunately around here it usually only lasts a day or two. Of course, Biltmore Castle doesn’t begin to compare with yours.


  4. Thank goodness it has nearly gone, though you can still see the stuff on the higher ground! This is one of the weirdest Easters for weather we’ve had in a long time. I’m glad it wasn’t just me though!

    Noted Guru, and if you say so Max!

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