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It is a constant source of amusement to me to discover new things that are available to buy that are about – or of – Castle Fraser. I’ve collected information on quite a number of things that I thought I would list for interested parties:

  • Cross-stitch of Castle Fraser. There are two different designs available from Mearnscraft and Isle of Skye Crafts (scroll down a little on the page). Incidentally, I have also been to Scone Palace and the House of Dun, which are also listed at Mearnscraft and are recommended. After you visit us of course.
  • Watercolour prints of Castle Fraser. Available from The Bridgeman Art Library is David Herbert’s painting, plus a colourful rendition from Jonathan Wheeler Art (again, please scroll for this one). I personally own 3 prints, though not the previous ones. I own 2 by Ceinwen Campbell Artworks (whose website appears to be broken sadly) and 1 by Bill Cockburn from Neil Macleod Prints, which I cannot find a website for.
  • Original photography of Castle Fraser. Whilst there are a number of pictures out there, many of which belong to the National Trust for Scotland, I am listing those that are for sale from professional sources. Some of the images are available from several different suppliers. A moody black and white example from Catriona Fraser (no relation I think!). Also a nice image by Graeme Cornwallis available from
  • Now how about reproduction furniture?! If you have some spare cash, you might want to buy a copy of the sofa and chair from the Worked Room at the castle from Clockhouse Furniture. Thanks to Elinor for this link!
  • My personal favourite, a model of the castle. If I had the cash, I would definitely buy one of these from JP Editions.
  • Finally, you may be interested in buying a DVD box set which is about Scottish castles in general. Castles of Scotland can be bought as a boxset, or in individual volumes. I am told that many of the castles are only viewed from aerial footage, and not from the inside. I believe Fraser is on Vol. 1, but don’t hold me to that as I haven’t seen this series. Please also bear in mind that the copies I have seen for sale are available in region 2, and are not suitable for North American viewers.

Please note that I do not endorse these products, nor have I purchased from these online shops. Details are provided for you to use if you wish. If anyone has any other sites to add with great Fraser things to buy, or had any experiences with these shops that may interest others, do let me know and I will add it here.

Of course, we sell some great products at our castle shop, but I don’t have a comprehensive list of these, so keep checking back and I’ll add some more information on this shortly.

Happy shopping!

2 thoughts on “Buying Fraser

  1. It goes without saying that I think engravings and postcards amongst other things are great affordable ways to have a small piece of history. Though no Fraser specific places at the moment, you can find them in a number of places.

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