Castle Fraser Opening for 2009

Well, it’s that time of the year again – the castle will be re-opening for the 2009 season very shortly.

The NTS have made many changes in the way that properties are open this year, so please find our new opening times, dates etc below for your information.

As always, you can find further updates as they happen on the NTS website.  You can also find tea-room, shop and gardens information there.

  • Castle Fraser opens on Thursday 2 April 2009.
  • From April-June we will be open Thursday-Sunday 12-5pm.
  • We will not be open Monday-Wednesday during April-June.
  • From July-August we will be open Monday-Friday 11-5.  7 days a week!
  • From September until the end of October we will be back to opening Thursday-Sunday 12-5pm.
  • From 1 November until Easter time 2010 we will then be closed again for the Winter.  You should check the website above for shop and tea-room opening times during this period.  The exact date of re-opening is also placed there every year.

Important note:  Castle Fraser is now a guided-tours only property.  Please let us know if you have any concerns about attending a tour when you arrive.  We will be happy to help with disabled visitors etc.  We have also got some very interesting new information to share with you about the castle and the Frasers when you visit.

The Easter Egg trail will take place on Saturday 11 – Monday 13 April 11-4.  This will also include other Easter activities for children.  If you would like to know more about this event, please do give us a call (telephone number on main NTS site, as above).

Hope to see you soon!

2 thoughts on “Castle Fraser Opening for 2009

  1. How I wish wish WISH I could be there for these!! Rest assured, should I ever come your way, we will finally meet, dear friend! I read your Entrecard announcement. I am sad to see you leave the group, but I know you will still be here. 😀 I wish you all the best. See you later!

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