Castle Fraser

Woo hoo! I’ve just been accepted to work at Castle Fraser as a guide. Wish me, and the visitors luck! To celebrate the occasion, here’s a picture of the castle itself:


Update: I can’t believe I forgot to say earlier, I made a quick tour around the castle after my meeting in the office, and in the library there were a couple of books open on the table. One caught my eye, the page was showing an engraving of one of Eleanor’s crosses at East Cheap (Cheapside, London). I like to think that was a sign of approval. :smile:

9 thoughts on “Castle Fraser

  1. We’re coming for our personal guided tour, and will be sure to get a photo of you in your fetching tartan skirt.

    Someone mention Wordless Wednesday? 😈

  2. Ha tartan skirt, i think Chris is more likely to wear one, now that would be a good WW!
    Will have to see if i can persuade junior (younger sister) to make a trip there next time i visit her.

  3. Thanks Jams & Kai, and yes Jams and Claire you must visit!

    I really don’t think the world needs to see Chris in a skirt, tartan or otherwise. 😯

    Oh, and dang I’ve been tagged. I’ll get on it.

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