Castle Fraser’s Follow the Star Weekend

As promised I have finally written down my experiences of this year’s Christmas weekend.

It was a great time, I think had by both parents and children!  We had choirs singing in the Great Hall by the large open fire both days, and Gregory the Goblin storytelling in the Library, amongst other things.

I was stationed in the Great Hall at the crafts table for the children.  Together, we sent many reindeer and donkeys out into the world!  Also a great many Christmas cards were completed for everyone.

There was also a Christmas quiz around the castle, and shopping and the Tea Room for everyone else.

The highlight of both days, of course, is always the ‘Follow the Star’ parade, led by the choir, the 3 kings, and not forgetting the camel!  The children also dressed up as angels and shepherds, and walked, with the star, to the Courtyard, which was set up as a stable, with donkey, goat and of course, baby Jesus.

It was a tiring weekend, but great fun.  See you next year!

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