Catch Up With the Wombat

After hosting the lovely Travelling Wombat in July, I’ve been keeping up with his exploits.  A little bird told me he’d been staying in Lincolnshire.

Pop over to the fabulous Duly Moated to find out!

You can see the latest at the Wombat’s Blog too.

Wombat and the Unfortunate Cannon Incident

5 thoughts on “Catch Up With the Wombat

  1. I actually live not far from Tattershall Castle and visited it earlier this year. Apparently there’s a secret passage there, but I never found it :-(

    I also saw the castle last weekend when I climbed Boston Stump :-) The Stump used to be the world’s tallest building and is celebrating it’s 700th aniversary. The Magna Carta is currently on display there.

    I recently got presented with the Zombie Chicken Award. I hope you don’t mind if I nominate you? :-)

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