More Vintage (Goodness) Updates!

A few weeks ago I went along to a junk yard with a few friends.  Actually saying it’s a junk yard is the tip of the iceberg – it’s an enormous place sprawled across an old farm, and you could find anything there you could ever wish for I’m sure…

Having spent some time there though I was fairly bamboozled from the choice – furniture to washing machines, mostly antique and vintage stuff and a range of prices.

I’d come across a small china cup and two saucers though, which I eventually decided to adopt.  I also unearthed a huge box just of stoppers for decanters – all shapes, sizes and glass colours.  The scary thing is I could easily become addicted to those!  I restrained myself and just bought one for now.  I think it’s really pretty and unusual.  They also have potential as collectible items as you can pick them up relatively cheaply.

Saucers and Cup

Decanter stopper

An Update On the Coin Collective

After talking about my inherited coins on Twitter again recently, I thought I’d take a few better photos of them and re-share.

As I said then, am no proper collector, just interested  – and they are carefully packed away when not being photographed.  If I get any updates with more information about them, I’ll let you know.

Charles coin

Charles II coin, date uncertain – probably 1670s

Quarter Anna

One Quarter Anna, 1845


George IIII, 1823


Leopold Centimes

10 Centimes, Leopold King of the Belgians, 1862

Let Me Count the Ways – Why I Love Sapphire in the Snow by Carol Townend

You know that moment when you start reading a book and you feel that the characters are going to be with you for a long time?  Yes, that.  So I must introduce you to Edmund and Beatrice because you must read their story! 

England, 1066 – Edmund of Lindsay is a Saxon and Beatrice Giffard, a Norman – a potentially explosive combination when William the Conqueror becomes William I of England.  Edmund is the illegitimate half-brother of the Thegn (Lord), and Beatrice is travelling to England with her cousin, a rich spoiled Lady.

Once Beatrice arrives with her cousin the Lady Anne from Normandy (who is to marry Edmund’s half brother) escorted by the villain of the piece Phillip de Brionne, all is about to go to hell in a handbasket.  I’m not doing Phillip a disservice either; he is a nasty piece of work and is only really interested in taking the land belonging to the Lindsay family.  He kills Anne’s fiancé to get it.  Mind you, he wouldn’t mind Keeping Anne on, and frankly neither would she.  Anne does have a few good points though, and does make you smile.

What I love about this book is the breathtaking sweetness that it has woven into it, and the youth and inexperience of the hero and heroine is tested in these harsh times.  Beatrice responds to Edmund even at their first meeting, before the slaughter.  Her innate kindness allows her to care for Edmund when is badly injured – despite him being considered an enemy, and despite their not even being able to communicate properly until they learn they can both speak Latin.  Edmund understands that Beatrice is a girl that he can cherish, even if she does not.

Have I not sold this to you yet?  Pfft.  It is fantastically researched; you learn all kind of facts and even languages.  I love the secondary characters in this novel too…oh, and the cover.  But wait,  there is one more thing to know – a moment that remains in my memory – Edmund and Beatrice standing in the snow from the title, not knowing what the future will bring for them, perhaps no future at all.  Except for the message behind a sapphire ring (no I am not sniffling right now). 

Well I’m off to read it again, and I hope you’ll be there with me cheering them on.  Go on, you know you want to.

I wrote this blog for a competition, and despite them not letting us know I assume it didn’t place in it.  However, I always intended to use it – so here it is!  I’m going to back review some of my favourite books in the future and next up will be a post on the author Laurie McBain.  Have you read her books – if not, why not?!

You can check my other blog posts for previous entries on Mary Stewart and Madeleine Brent.

Vintage Kitzbuhel

Made it to the extravaganza that is the huge second hand book sale in town this week.  This happens apparently every other year – though this is the first I’ve made it to.

One of those strange moments, since we were in Scotland and these are unmarked/unposted – but I riffled through a box of old postcards and found these.  Serendipity?  I think they are from the late 1950s/early 1960s.


Kitzbuhel Panorama

Those of you that have been with this blog for some time will probably recognise this place!  If not, do have a look to find out more.

Some Vintage Aquisitions

A lovely vintage marcasite leaf brooch:

Marcasite Leaf


A small circular china box (this was a gift, love the figures):

China box


A tiny shot glass featuring a place in Austria I know well – Innsbruck:

Innsbruck shot glass


A Fraser model of Crathes Castle, a little chipped but still looks lovely next to my tiny model of Cawdor Castle:

Crathes Castle model


Last, but not least – a new vintage silver plate purse/bag with ring to slip over your finger (I need a ball to go to so I can use this):

Silver bag


About a year’s worth here!  Hope you enjoy looking through them – and love to hear about other people’s finds.

Hands, Knees and er, Castles

A quick photo of a recent vintage acquisition – and I don’t really have much idea of the date of this one – not that old I suspect.

I have a bit of a hand fetish that you’ll see in my earlier post about some glass ones I have.  Eager to have more as you don’t see them that often, I bought this for the princely sum of 99p, chips and all.

Bonus is, someone obviously was forewarned of my fetishes, and it has a picture of Windsor Castle on it.  Nifty!

More finds soon.  I have some from last year I haven’t pictured yet.


2013-03-13 22.05.53

Edwardian Evening Bag

I’ve been meaning to post this one for ages, as I saw it in a shop display, and The Mum bought it for me for Christmas!

It’s an electroplate silver Edwardian evening bag c1910, complete with original pale green lining and a lovely engraved design around the edges.

It is hinged at the bottom, and clips together at the top like a purse.  The chain makes it easy to loop around your finger to carry it – and to dance the night away I’d imagine.  If only…

This is my first vintage evening bag.  I would love to find some more.

A Vintage Venetian Find

I love this, I really do.  The extra nice thing about it is that it was a gift.

I don’t know when this was made, but I suspect there were many made for tourists, and I have since seen a similar ring for sale.  I also think that they were probably produced over a long period also.

A Venetian coin bracelet, showing scenes from Venice.

I’m always on the look out for vintage guides to Venice too if anyone’s seen any…

Parliamentary Swag…

Here’s a little something I don’t normally look at – collectible plates.  Was probably feeling slightly homesick at the time though.  Plus it was a cool gift!

A vintage Houses of Parliament Plate.  I’ve photographed it here for your delectation: